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Name Adelvina
Designer SuperJustinBros (design)
OAD-Art (Transformation Design)
tlwelker (name)
Gender Female
Age 20 (Arc 1)
22 (Arc 2)
24 (Arc 3)
27 (Arc 4)
Nationality African-American

Adelvina (アデリーナ, Aderīna) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Adelvina is a well-built dark-skinned woman with shiny dark red hair and red-orange eyes. She wears a personalized latex bodysuit that resembles a red one piece swimsuit with black leggings and a pair of latex gloves. Over her latex suit she wears yellow and white fabric overlaid on one another, the yellow fabric ending at the center of her breasts with a big tear running down the center (with strings to keep the top connected) and the white fabric being much shorter and sewn underneath the yellow fabric, ending at her hips.

Adelvina wears a torn pair of oversized orange jeans that appear to "sag" below her pelvis, with clip-on suspenders on the sides that connect it to the white fabric to keep it from falling while still giving Adelvina maximum movement potential. On her feet, Adelvina wears a pair of shiny black boots with red rings and suspenders, and small grey clips.

Perhaps her most noticeable feature- Adelvina's hair is braided into two long thin strands of hair that develop into a pair of large balls of hair, held in place by lightweight metal balls underneath the hairs and topped off with two ruby rings a each end of the hair-balls.

When in her transformed state, Adelvina's outer clothing disappears save for her latex bodysuit- which morphs into a full black bodysuit with black high heels displaying several exotic glowing red patterns and lines running through the suit. In this form, Adelvina's eyes turn into a crisp red and spikes made of hair sprout from the hair-balls, which are now enclosed inside marroon-grey steel orbs.


Adelvina is an elite member of the Witches, and is good friends and trusted allies with Kurayami and Blake, whom she has known since their early years.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Being one of the high-ups of the Witches, Adelvina has access to very powerful magic and spells cast through her hands. While her physical strength is average at best, she can use telepathy to levitate her hair-orbs, swinging and extending them to attack opponents. She also sports good mobility and can use magic to levitate and fly.

After transforming, Adelvina's magic reaches near-lethal levels, allowing her to fire off laser beams and energy blasts of destruction from her hands and the hair-orbs. The hair orbs themselves are concealed within two large steel orbs with holes, sprouting sharp spikes of hair to enhance their power. Lastly, Adelvina is able to extend out the length of the strands of hair holding the spiked hair-orbs, enabling them to reach even further targets. Adelvina has the ability to coat the hair-orbs in different magical surfaces (such as fire, poison, and explosive energy) to add more utility.



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