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Name Blake
Designer SuperJustinBros (design)
son-of-orochi (name)
Gender Male
Age 24 (Arc 1)
26 (Arc 2)
28 (Arc 3)
31 (Arc 4)
Nationality American
Height 6ft, 1in

Blake (ブレーク, Burēku) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Blake was originally a textbook example of an emo- a love for dark colors, death metal, and satanic imagery. He was a big hit with girls at his high school, becoming popular among gothic circles for his charismatic charm, custom outfit (especially his hoodie), and his deep but soft voice. When he left his second year of high school, he proceeded to perform rituals in an attempt to summon a portal to Hell- being led to believe that it was a place just for him. However, a mistake in the chant instead generated a portal leading to a dark fantasy world, the same one inhabited by what would become his future teammates: Kurayami, freshly exiled from her hometown days ago. The two would eventually met up, with Blake's arms acing from the trip- until Blake flung his arm to fire a small energy blast from his hand into the gravel, discovering that from the satanic ritual he acted out earlier, he gave himself darkness and blood-infused magic capabilities as well as (later) the ability to transform into a winged demon himself. Kurayami concluded that this man was just what she needed, and allowed Blake to lead her future group, the Witches, alongside her. As Blake had nowhere to go, he replied with a faint "Sure, I'll join you." smiling very lightly as he had finally found someone he appreciated enough to trust.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Blake's physical build is very slim, giving Blake decent dexterity at the cost of low physical endurance. On the other hand, Blake has access to terrifyingly powerful magic abilities using red energy and boiling demon's blood. Samples of this blood are infused with Blake's own, giving him noticeably hot breath and warm skin. With magic, Blake can ignite and shroud his arms and legs in fire to increase his physical power or spew a stream of flames from his mouth.

When initiating his transformed state, Blake becomes a demon, growing horns on the sides of his head and longer hair, shedding his shirt and jacket, exposing his bare skin, and sprouting a large pair of webbed wings. This increases the strength of his attacks by great numbers, and enables flight without the use of levitation.


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