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Name Britly
Designer Vhalpurga
Dejaguar (design tweaks)
Gender Female
Age Built to be 23 (1), 25 (2), 27 (3), 30 (4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 6ft, 2.5in

Britly (ブリリー, Briley) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Originally constructed by Aozora and Toshi, Britly is the sixth of the Jetters, serving as their "mother" figure. Easily distinguished from the rest of her family thanks to her bright blonde ponytail and wide, curvy figure, Britly works to be apart of the family and hold out as a strong aerial fighter. Thanks to this, nearly the entire family respects and looks up to Britly the same way they respect Simon, Britly's husband. In return, Britly gives each and every family member equal focus when she can, with only Higure and Beta becoming troublesome to her for their habits of fooling around.

At her residence, she primarily does motherly things with the family, working in the family's personal flower garden being a relaxing pastime for her. Ciber is seen the most often with Britly, assisting her in keeping the place well-kept. She also cooks and prepares breakfast in the mornings for herself and the rest of the family, though her clumsiness sometimes can get the best of her, leaving Aozora, Simon, and the others to cook the more complex dishes later in the day. Britly also lifts weights in the basement of her home every other day to give her the feeling of being a strong woman, often with Simon and sometimes Aozora joining her.


Britly is a lady with lots of energy and emotion, rarely finding herself in an unpleasant mood especially around her family. Despite being overly feminine, Britly displays a small amount of masculinity with her, with her desire to be a strong mother that can defend herself and her family from danger no matter what.

While Britly is generally intelligent, she can become clumsy and dumbfounded especially in a field she is uncomfortable or lacking in knowledge with, requiring the rest of her family to pitch in and help her. Even then, she never becomes a total liability to those around her and is able to overcome clumsiness through determination and focusing on her tasks at hand.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Britly has two retractable topaz-colored blades on her right hand usable both in and out of combat, as well as a high mobility when on the ground or flying with her jetpack, making her combat moves and techniques quick, swift, and powerful. Thanks to this, Britly is a highly versatile and formidable fighter when she must get into the act.


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