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This page features a character that will debut proper in a future Arc.
Content written here is pre-release information and subject to change.
Name Chiron
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age Undocumented
Nationality Greece
Height 6ft, 8in

Chiron (カイロン, Kairon) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Chiron is a centaur born and raised in Mount Pelion in ancient Greece. He was an anomaly compared to the other centaurs in the area, wearing clothing (typically, a cape and robes) and sporting an unusually bright color scheme. His body aged more slowly compared to the other centaurs, as Chiron kept himself well fit for hours on end each day. This feat alone caused him to be considered honorary for the role of a physical trainer for willing students looking to improve their figure. Chiron was also applauded for his skill in crafting medicine, one that had influenced many generations for years to come, and many of his teachings as a trainer involved learning different medicines and herbs and their effects on the body.

Later on in his life, Chiron dated and soon married a nymph, raising three daughters he looked after dearly. At a certain point in his life, Chiron, his wife, and his children appeared to stop aging altogether early into adulthood (at roughly the age of 25), as he discovered he was a physical god. This was a fate shared with Chiron’s student and ex-friend Hercules, who was once one of his best friends until the two were led into fighting each other to the end. Outmatched by Hercules’ massive strength and wanting to not risk losing his own life even with his great archery skills, Chiron fled from Greece with his wife and children into lands unknown, forced to close and sell off his training grounds and abandon further research into medicine and health care.

Many, many years would pass, and Chiron’s daughters would soon reach his age until they too would be affected by the inability to age further. During this time, Chiron began to study astronomy and weaponry in the hopes of matching up with Hercules’ strength in the case that they would clash once again. This resulted in the creation of the “Arms of the Stars”, two light heavenly yellow-colored metal gauntlets with fabric underneath worn as a pair, with one gauntlet having a built-in highly durable bow across the arm and the other a very strong holding arm with lots of resistance and pulling strength. Chiron would also assemble a new battle suit, and a high-efficiency holder that can store more than a dozen arrows.

As Chiron continued his astrology research, he would come across a meteor with a white gemstone embedded inside in the mist of an exploration, which gave anyone who held it in close proximity the ability to cast magic of pure light. Chiron took this opportunity to fuse the right Arm of the Stars with this gem, giving Chiron and his archery unremarkable power whenever he wielded the Arms of the Stars.

Into the present, Chiron took the time to update his appearance once more, going for a more modern look with his battle suit while dying his hair with deep cyan streaks while also working the color into the latest incarnation of his battle gear. Two large bangs in the front of his hair were folded upwards, dyed deep cyan, and given large amounts of hair gel to form two makeshift horns. His blonde tail was also given cyan streaks as well. With this new look and new power, Chiron returned to Greece to resume his occupation as a trainer and study in medicine once more, becoming a famed doctor in the process and traveling the world with his family to share his knowledge.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Chiron wields two armored gauntlets known as the Arms of the Stars, a built in archery set with a bow and string on the left hand and low-friction material on the right for drawing and launching custom-made, high-end arrows with perfect accuracy. The right Arm of the Star contains a mythical gemstone that shines a bright white color, granting Chiron the ability to cast the power of light on any arrows shot using the gauntlet causing them to fly further and leave behind a beam of light, reflecting off a number of surfaces before coming to a stop.

Being a centaur, Chiron can run fast and leap great distances, casting the power of light on his legs for even faster sprints and longer jumps with safer landings. The power of the light stone is not unlimited, however, and if used in excess, it’s energy will run completely dry, forcing Chiron to rely on normal attacks. The stone recharges when exposed to any natural lightsource from either the Sun or the Moon during the day and night respectively.

Chiron wears a custom high-capacity arrow holder on his back that can store up to 16 arrows for quick and easy withdrawal and use. Chiron also has a small carrying case attached to his belt on his right side which contain medical darts. When these are fired with the power of light, the impact is painless if aimed at exposed skin and the darts proceed to spread an antibacterial healing liquid that can also repair damaged tissue.

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