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Name Club
Designer SimirrorofShadows
Gender Male
Age 32 (Arc 1)
34 (Arc 2)
36 (Arc 3)
39 (Arc 4)
Nationality Unknown

Club (クラブ Kurabu) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Unlike Spade who is much more laid back, Club is much more serious and direct, working non-stop and training up the A. C. E. S.' personal army of underlings and hired goons, sometimes providing direct assistance to lead them into battle with brute force. While more reliable in action, Club only has about the same maturity as Spade, making him a liability if Club decides to go about and do his own thing during missions- disobeying orders and arguing with the other members if they don't agree with his plans.


Originally born into an abusive family, Club is one of Joker's closest longtime friends and assisted in the foundation of the A. C. E. S.. where he remains one of it's core leaders. Club's speciality is blunt, melee weapons in contrast to Spade's reliance on bladed weapons. Club enjoys accompanying Joker and Spade on assignments if it means giving him more opportunities to bash people with his weapons of choice- even if his presence is not wanted.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Growing up with an obsession and lust of brutal violence originating from his years of boxing and fighting in illegal fighting rings, he became one of the A. C. E. S.' main brawlers alongside Spade, using various objects like a cheese grater, a baseball bat, and a metal pipe to fight and assassinate with- preferring the latter since he declared "It makes the best sound when colliding over and over with someone's skull." Club's main fighting tactic is purely brute force, with his strategy being to get up close and keep swinging until his opponent drops, dodging and moving back only when necessary. His muscular build also allows him to endure plenty of strikes, which only gets him more excited and eager to kill everything that stands in front of him, making him much faster and more difficult to evade.


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