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This page features a character that will debut proper in a future Arc.
Content written here is pre-release information and subject to change.
Name Demija
Designer raeco-chan
Gender Female
Age Created to be 25 (Arc 4), 27 (Arc 5)
Nationality American
Height 6ft, 4in

Demija (デミジャ) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Years ago, Demija was a character created for a rhythm-based video game released onto smartphones, which soon exploded in popularity thanks to Demija's bright and colorful appearance and her highly detailed singing voice, leading to Demija being haled as a "digital idol" by both fans and media outlets alike. Updates to the app continued to increase Demija's impact, giving her mostly unrivaled DJ and singing skills in the virtual realm. However, lack of interest and innovation in further updates caused Demija's popularity to steadily plummet, including the app adapting in a "free to play" structure that was becoming more and more mainstream with every passing day. While some fans remained loyal to the game, others dropped it thanks to unnecessary wait times and rather costly premium songs and gameplay modes.

Inside one particular copy of the app owned by one of the head developers living in New York City, Demija was breaking free of her coding and gaining sentience due to a programing error on the part of the developer. She began to speak directly in a harsh tone from the main menu screen, voicing her frustration with the dev regarding the many changes made to her app over time, assuming because the team wanted to profit even more off of her success. The developer tried to hide the issue to his co-workers, but ultimately failed when Demija started trying to escape into the real world, physically butting and ramming herself into the screen, causing it to shake.

One day, Demija struck the phone screen with such great impact that she broke out of the dev's phone and crashed into reality, becoming a garbled mess of code before momentarily pulling herself together and converting into a living, breathing person. Her personal equipment, including dual spherical speakers hanging from behind her waistline made the jump as well, remaining fully functional in the process. Demija looked around, remaining mute until she started to speak to the developer, asking where she was and how she can get in touch with the people that created her. The next morning, she was brought into the studio of her developers to meet them face to face. The devs seeing Demija led to them considering a new direction outside of game development: becoming her personal mangers while handing off the development of the app to a new team, with some members of the original development team following in suit to ensure quality control.

From there, Demija's future as a live stage show DJ and singer was cemented, with the next few months being spent prepping for her live premiere in the big city. While the premiere was a huge success, it sparked small controversy and confusion in some circles on how exactly Demija was able to enter and survive in the human world with all her abilities and powers from the mobile game intact, including discussions on what possibilities could arise if the original device Demija lept out of was tampered with. Hearing this on radio and live television, the person responsible for Demija breaking into the real world was forced to resign altogether and go undercover, including removing every trace of himself from social media and asking everyone he knew, including Demija, to never return to his apartment or seek him out in public.



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