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Name Drillina
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Female
Age Built to be 24 (Arc 3), 27 (Arc 4)
Nationality Unknown
Height 5ft, 10in

Drillina (ドリーナ, Dorīna) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Drillina is the tenth unit of the Eleven Weapons.


Drillina is a mature but otherwise very pushy and emotional lady. Rarely seen with a smile and almost always finding something to mess with her mood, she is not a pleasant lady with only a very specific list of what doesn’t cause anger to boil up inside her. She is especially protective of her very large drill-shaped pigtails, tending to them constantly when off duty- akin to sharpening large pieces of metal.

Drillina doesn’t show much affection to others, even towards the other Eleven Weapons. The only Weapon she considers a friend is Missul, the only other female Weapon of the team, as Missul is the only one that shows a deep level of respect towards her. With the men, however, she feels either neutrality or discomfort at best or anger and scowling at worst. Even with her stained relationships with the male Weapons, she’ll pitch in and assist if she must.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Drillina is a cyborg, giving her both good offense and defense power. Like the other Weapons, Drillina’s arms are made of various metal components colored to look like skin, with visible lines that travel down her arms in a coil pattern. If Drillina squeezes her arms tightly, her sleeves roll up and her arms expand open and form into two large drills. The drill bits then slide down to enclose the hands inside the tips, completing the drill. Once her arms are morphed, Drillina can then spin each drill-arm in both forward and reverse. The drill arms spin at such a fast speed that the sides of her arms begin to emit smoke from inside the drills, forcing her to stop after drilling for several seconds to vent out the excess steam (causing her drill arms to split open while doing so).

Drillina’s dark magenta hair is not traditional human hair. Instead, the “hair” is made up of thousands of thin steel rods connected to special nerves inside Drillina’s head. While the hairs that make up Drillina’s head are trimmed to be short, the ones that form her curled pigtails are incredibly long, being several times longer than her own height. Each pigtail runs from the top of her head to her knees, and Drilliana can freely twist, bend, and mold the pigtails into any length or shape she wants in a flash- turning them straight or into two large discs. Drillina’s twin pigtails can form into large spinning drills freely moveable with the large length of her hair and their ability to remain spinning at all times without the requirement of venting out steam.

Drillina can combine both her pigtails into an even larger drill- large enough that Drillina can stand inside the drill head’s center and ride it, spinning along with the large drill and remaining standing upright. However, this makes her unable to see clearly due to the high speed in which she drills- unless she slows down or comes to a spot.

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