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Name Edurizo
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age 35 (Arc 3)
38 (Arc 4)
Nationality African-American
Height 6ft, 7in

Edurizo (エドゥリオ, Edourio) is a character from the Aozora's Adventure series.


Edurizo has the body of a body-builder with dark skin, black hair, and cyan eyes. On his head, Edurizo wears a helmet colored white with a blue circular dome on the top. Edurizo is equipped with a heavy battle suit across his chest, arms, legs, and feet colored with varying shades of white, gray, cyan, and blue. The suit includes spherical shoulder guards with an igloo pattern adorned with a similar design to that of his helmet. Edurizo's hands are shielded in lightweight light grey armor with crevices to allow the hands a full range of movement, and are slightly larger than those of a normal human's. Edurizo’s footwear is a pair of armored boots styled after snow boots.


Edurizo is the second-in-command of the Frost Gang and serves as Aberthol's loyal bodyguard. As with the other Frost Elites, he incorporates cyrokinesis into his attacks.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Edurizo's primary tactic and signature attack is freezing up his hands into a solid fist of ice followed by charging at opponents and exploding the ice encasing directly upon impact. Optionally, he can smash his ice-coated arm into the ground, releasing a giant explosion of ice shards and a shockwave of bitter cold air. Because of his large bulk, Edurizo is very sturdy and hard to take down- though making him rather slow as a result. To mitigate this, Edurizo can encase the bottom of his feet in ice and skate around surfaces, even up steep surfaces. By punching the ground directly, Edurizo sprouts large pillars of ice to shoot up from the ground directly beneath his targets, though it requires a large amount of focus and proper timing to use properly.

Edurizo can freeze up other parts of his body, enclosing them in ice and making them much harder to strike with bare melee attacks. Because it has an effect on his ability to maneuver, Edurizo only activates his insta-freeze armor when he's in the process of getting hit. By leaping in the air and curling up into a ball, Edurizo can encase himself in a large sphere of ice and crashing into anything that stands in his way. While faster than his frozen fist charge technique, it is riskier, as it gives Edurizo much less time to react to what's in front of him.


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