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Eleven Weapons

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The Eleven Weapons (11兵器, Jūichi Heiki) are a team of elite, weaponry-themed cyborgs.


The Eleven Weapons are a cyborgs created in the far future, whom at first appear to be standard human beings in dark suits. Once engaged, they fold out and transform a portion of their bodies (usually the arms, which are made from a large number of metal bits colored like skin) into a weapon or expel a weapon from their body which they then wield with their hands. They use one-of-a-kind capsules known as Drives to power up their weapons and grant themselves additional abilities. The weapons also aha the ability to teleport and travel through time, however these two abilities cannot be used recklessly or for combat purposes, as they require lots of energy.


  1. Excalo the Sword - Drive: Space
  2. Reaper the Scythe - Drive: Illusion
  3. Spearn the Spear - Drive: Shadow
  4. Snipe the Sniper - Drive: Botany
  5. Hammero the Hammer - Drive: Fire
  6. Barroar the Shield - Drive: Stone
  7. Missul the Missile - Drive: Explosion
  8. Chai the Chaingun - Drive: Plasma
  9. Sawn the Saw - Drive: Solar
  10. Drillina the Drill - Drive: Quake
  11. Clashem the Knife - Drive: Water


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