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Eleven Weapons

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The Eleven Weapons (11兵器, Jūichi Heiki) are a team of elite, weaponry-themed cyborgs.


The Eleven Weapons are a cyborgs created in the far future, whom at first appear to be standard human beings in dark suits. Once engaged, they fold out and transform a portion of their bodies (usually the arms, which are made from a large number of metal bits colored like skin) into a weapon or shed a part of their body that becomes the weapon. They use one-of-a-kind capsules known as Drives to power up their weapons and grant themselves additional abilities.

If a Weapon is severely wounded, it explodes- leaving itself behind as a usable, fully-functioning weapon that can be used by anyone. If a Weapon is brought to a specialized resurrection chamber, it scans the weapon and forms a new, fully functional body.


  1. Excalo the Sword - Drive: Space
  2. Reaper the Scythe - Drive: Illusion
  3. Spearn the Spear - Drive: Shadow
  4. Snipe the Sniper - Drive: Botany
  5. Hammero the Hammer - Drive: Fire
  6. Barroar the Shield - Drive: Stone
  7. Missul the Missile - Drive: Explosion
  8. Chai the Chaingun - Drive: Plasma
  9. Sawn the Saw - Drive: Solar
  10. Drillina the Drill - Drive: Quake
  11. Clashem the Knife - Drive: Water


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