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Name Erebos
Designer Sinaaq
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Nationality Roman
Height 6ft, 7in

Erebos (エレバス, Erebasu) is a character and one-time major antagonist in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Despite his good looks and some close bonds, Erebos is not too friendly towards those he meets and looks down upon anyone he considers vastly inferior, barely showing respect to anyone but himself and other deities he associates with that also reside within the cosmos.


Erebos is a muscular physical "god" that has been serving his master, Kelthilda, for several hundreds of years in the cosmos. Being brought into a religion where both beauty and power are high priority, Erebos's upper body is left undressed save for accessories, exposing his chest, back, and arm muscles.

He is said to have strong connections with Ptolema, whom he flies down from the cosmos to pay a visit every once in a while.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Erebos is an energetic entity with great power, boasting high-speed levitation, super speed, and the ability to fire off several varieties of laser and plasma beams from his hands, chest, feet, and head, with his stronger varieties requiring a brief charge. Erebos can also cast blue thunder to strike down on any given area and blast out a massive explosion of energy from his body. Even when unable to use his magic, Erebos has high physical strength and can temporarily tighten the muscles in his arms when punching to increase their effectiveness. He also has incredible durability, with the ability to heal off wounds quickly.

Due to his status as a god, Erebos is immortal and can never be truly killed- only knocked out temporarily.



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