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Name Fakhriya
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Female
Age 19 (Arc 1)
21 (Arc 2)
23 (Arc 3)
26 (Arc 4)
Nationality Arabian
Height 5ft, 10in

Fakhriya (ファクハリア, Fakhalia) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Fakhriya is a dark-skinned woman with a slim athletic body shape. She has crisp yellow-orange-colored eyes and long blonde hair that travels to below her waist, which curls up inwards. Two large thick strands of hair curve outwards from the other hairs that drop down. Many of the smaller hairs near Fakhriya's head are curved towards her face, while shorter strands are left straight.

Fakhriya wears a cream-colored turban wrapped across her head, with a mystical eye-snapped artifact pinned on. Two ends of the cloth extend from the turban's backside and are dropped behind Fakhriya's hair. Around her neck, Fakhriya wears a mythical collar of pure gold, decorated with a square brick pattern, as well as a small black string necklace. Fakhriya's arms are covered by two loose cream-colored sleeves, each with a small emerald gem attached to their upper halves.

Fakhriya's breasts are held by a piece of red-orange cloth tightly tied in-between the cleavage into a knot. Fakhriya wears a pair of yellow-orange Arabian-style pants held up by a thin bright orange liner with strands of fake grass dangling from below. A long cream cloth is sewed on the liner and is wrapped across her pants, traveling behind them. On her feet, Fakhriya wears a pair of olive green Arabian-style shoes, with spikes embedded onto each end.


Fakhriya is a woman from Arabia who wss at one point in her early life granted the ability to freely manipulate sand and wind.


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