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Gear is a term used to refer to the many different weapons and utilities Aozora and several others can wield and operate. While users can fight with direct punches, kicks, etc., the user can have up to two different "Gear" strapped to their backs or stored away in their pockets if a Gear is small enough.

Gear Styles[edit]

  • Swords: Any bladed weapon falls under this category. These are secondary Melee options that allow players to attack differently than with basic melee, such as with greater range, higher agility/speed, or attack power, along with additional perks and effects.
  • Guns: Used to weaken foes from a distance by firing bullets and other projectiles. Includes automatic firing weapons, shotguns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers. Guns that are more effective at close range tend to deal greater damage.
  • Hammers: Large objects on a stick used to pound opponents with. They tend to have the strongest attack power of any of the weapons, but can be somewhat slow, including weighing down a user and their maneuverability should they have it currently equipped.
  • Gloves/Boots: Unlike other weapons, these are always shown on the wearer's hands at all times (often in place of the user's standard gloves/boots). These enhance the user's melee attacks in some way, such as adding effects or providing them with elemental damage, among other boosts.
  • Miscellaneous Tools: Anything that isn't used for directly attacking, either to boost something on the user, assist allies, or disrupt opponents. Sometimes, these tools will be in effect when the weapon in the other slot or standard melee is being used.
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