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Name Girou
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age 20 (Arc 2)
22 (Arc 3)
25 (Arc 4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 6ft, 1in

Girou (下呂, Gero), is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Girou is a young adult who, though overconfident at times, has a lot of potential and never loses his will to fight. Girou keeps a positive outlook on any situation and never backs down, potentially risking his life in the process. However, while Girou may have huge determination to perform specific daunting tasks, he can fail at them one way or another, sometimes more times than not- but regardless he keeps going without any thought of stopping, even if he is mocked for it.


Girou was born and raised in a city built into the underground of and on the surface of a large desert, living there for roughly his entire life. Due to the city's location and it's constant desire for expanding, citizens were hired to help dig locations and assist in constructing, both underground and in the city's surface areas through use of special handheld drills. Girou was one of the citizens who took part in this project to expanding the city, alongside his childhood friend Than.

As Girou and Than lived out their lives, they maintained a close friendship and served under the city's chief engineer, who taught them everything he knew about robotics and machinery. After a few years, the two started a collaborative project on a miniature battle mech that could be used to assist in expanding the city, armed with drill hands, high-efficiency armor, and a high-capacity fuel tank with boosters for flight. They put the robot through several test sessions on the surface land, ironing out errors one at a time till everything was fully functional and ready for action. With approval from the city's higher ups, the mining robot proved to be a useful tool in construction duties, with Girou and Than alternating in piloting the mech.

Sometime later, the town had a severe split over ideological matters, causing a fraction of the town's residents to split off and fund their own city, believing they the right to claim the land that the original town was located on. After several days had passed, a loud sequence of noises erupted from the surface the next morning. Girou climbed up with some guards and builders armed with mechanical drills and other weapons, coming face to face with a large group of people in an assortment of small mechs sizing them up. After a few moments, Than appeared piloting the drilling mech he and Girou had made together long ago, reconfigured into a battle robot. Girou ran up through the sand to Than and shouted "Than! Why are you doing this?! Don't you remember all the times we had together?!" Than responded with "I'm sorry, Girou... but with these guys my future will be even brighter than I imagined!" Than then spun his mechs' drills and moved forwards to force Girou to back up. With no choice, Girou returned to the underground city, feeling betrayed and hopeless as he overheard the leader of the troops declaring war on Girou's city, giving them months to prepare.

Girou was scared and felt guilty that eventually he would end up having to fight against and possibly kill his longtime childhood friend for the safety of his hometown. Days passed and Girou reunited with he chief engineer to discuss matters on the upcoming war. Seeing Girou as having great potential after all the deeds he had done for expanding the city long long ago, the chief would offer some of his best students and workers to help Girou create his own battle mech. Girou took that offer without a second thought and began working on concepts and blueprints. After some time, Girou's new personal miniature battle mech was complete, with mobile arms that could fuse together into a spinning drill and bulky but quick feet that allowed for fast movement alongside the superpowers rocket engine boosters.

The day of the war came, and some of the city's troops decided to get a head start and wait outside the city while others remained behind to defend it. Soon enough, both armies engaged one another in combat, and Girou began tunneling through the enemy army's front lines, soon finding Than driving his mech once more, which was now equipped with rocket launchers and other small enhancements. Girou then surfaced to meet and battle Than face to face. Excepting Girou and wanting to waste no time with him, Than threw everything he got at Girou, speeding through the desert with him and his mech. They both put up a good battle, considerably damaging each other's vehicles utill Girou surprised Than with a with a well-aimed drill missile which critically damaged Tsal's mech. Girou then stood up from his mech and gave an expression of satisfaction with his arms folded before rocketing off back to the village to join in fighting off the others, his team soon reaching victory and ready to fight another day.

To this day, Girou continues to fight any potential threat to his rapidly-expanding hometown, hoping not to stop any time soon.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Girou's signature mecha is spherical in shape and is just big enough for Girou to enter and drive while in a kneeling down pose (ducking down when tunneling beneath the earth). The mecha has two cone-shaped hands which can form together and spin rapidly to form a drill and speed forward while firing off the mecha's thrusters on the bottom of it's feet. The mech also houses two small missiles hidden in the lower sides of the mech's main body, packing quite a punch despite their minuscule size. Outside the mecha, Girou has a good balance of offense and agility and sometimes weirds a massive driller-arm that he runs into targets with at blistering speeds.



  • Girou's design and interest in large mecha was designed as a homage to the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann series, with Girou himself a direct analouge to Simon and Kamina.
  • Girou's signature mecha was based on the design of the titular Drill Dozer from the Game Boy Advance game Drill Dozer, but with a larger body.

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