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Name Gnear
Designer SuperJustinBros (name)
killerphoenix92 (design)
Gender Male
Age 22 (Arc 2)
24 (Arc 3)
Nationality Japanese

Gnear (ゲネレ, Genere) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Gnear has a slightly similar but less bulkier appearance than Grip; sporting long clean light grey hair and red eyes. His armor is colored a bright grey and underneath is a semi-dark grey fabric that shields his entire body, plus fabric hanging from his midsection. Like Grip, both the fabric and armor are fireproof to prevent damage from their own weapons.

Gnear also wears light grey segmented goggles with pale red visor.


Gear is Grip's twin brother who excels at intelligence, strategizing, and quick, swift movements. Despite these strengths, Gnear, due to being considered the "unfavorite" back with his original, abusive family and grew to be the physically weaker of the twins, having less overall muscle mass, energy and stamina and having a poor immunity system.


Grip took it on himself to assist Gnear though the harsh lifestyle he originally lived in, with the twins' utilizing their strengths and weaknesses to balance each other out. and avoid conflict with their parents that forced them to work in harsh conditions with no concern of their safety. Feeling that they had enough, ten-year old Gnear and Grip later declared one night in secret to run away from home, bring with them each a bottle of water and sandwiches tucked into a cooler as they set sail on a small wooden sailboat, wearing nothing but saggy jeans and white T-shirts.

As the duo traveled, Grip and Gnear took turns paddling the boat until the sun rose and early that morning with Gnear about to pass out form exhaustion and Grip on his last leg of stamina. The duo eventually find a beach with a small cottage and a man working out on the shorelines. Gear and Grip set their boat still on the shallow waters and walked towards him, introducing themselves to him and explaining how horrid their lives and living conditions were. The man tells the two boys his name, Sharkane, and lets them stay with him.

Gnear was much more comfortable with the lifestyle Sharkane had given him and Grip while learning all of Sharkane's techniques and becoming physically healthier in the process, allowing Gnear to fend for himself more easily without relying on Grip. As thanks for the help around the house, Sharkane made Gnear his own battle armor, personalized to match and incorporate the use of Gnear's strengths, leading it to be lighter but more agile than the armor that Grip was given.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

In battle, unlike Grip, Gnear relies more on speed and pursuit to get the better of him. He carries the same type of flamethrower Grip utilities, but is smaller and more portable to allow extra agility. In return, the flamethrower's single nozzle is reworked into two smaller nozzles (still shooting just as much as the single turret at the cost of the flames not traveling much distance when fired) with a long, sharp and curved bayonet positioned in-between the nozzle for large strikes. Two smaller bayonets are mounted on the outer edges of the nozzles for added slashing power.



  • Gnear, along with his twin brother Grip are named after the quote "Rip and Tear", with G's mixed into the two words.

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