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Name Gratien
Designer Genso-X
Gender Male
Age 22 (Arc 2)
24 (Arc 3)
Nationality French
Height 5ft 7in

Gratien (グレーテン Gurēten) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Gratien has average-length, messy red hair, teal-colored eyes, small round glasses with jagged spiral designs on them, and sharp teeth. Gratien wears a red coat with a black tuxedo with thin red stripes and yellow buttons, a white long-sleeved undershirt with a collar, a red and white stripped bowtie with a aquamarine gemstone in the center, a yellow chain stepped around his pants, and black shoes. On Gratien's left hand, he wears a black glove with a red outline, which can be taken off to reveal the left arm and hand are made of metal.


Gratien was originally a young boy that was used as a test subject by scientists against his will before ultimately running off to an unoccupied castle somewhere in Europe where he would not be experimented anymore and could do as much as he pleased. From there, Gratien began to convert sections of the castle's interiors into a high-tech industrial science lab where he conducts mindless experiments in privacy, including assembling odd medieval and cyberpunk tools and weapons.

All the experiments done to Gratien left him with an extremely wild and rabid personality who enjoys cold, bloody killings, but at the cost of being slightly lacking in intelligence. It's also easy for him to get carried away, especially if excited from causing so much violence and mayhem in one sitting.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

During all the experiments in the lab, Gratien's right arm was amputated and replaced with a black biometal arm that houses twenty-four sharp, steel shards inside the forearm. When engaged, these shards quickly reshape and reassemble themselves and take the shape of three gigantic buzzsaws while Gratien's right hand (also mechanical), splits open down the middle to allow the large buzzsaws to fully take shape inside and outside Gratien's arm.

Once the buzzsaws are fully formed, a special elastic wire from inside the mechanical arm's upper area uses magnetism and electrical surges to weave itself into the center of the three buzzsaws, firmly attaching them to the arm and enabling them to spin. After being attached, the buzzsaws can then be flung outwards where they will form into either three buzzsaws on a single wire with one buzzsaw at the end of the wire and the other two in the upper center and lower center respectively (giving it a very long reach) or the three separate buzzsaws on their own elastic wires (sacraficing distance for covering more ground). When the buzzsaws return to Gratien, they cause a small amount of recoil against the metal on Gratien's arm to prevent serious damage to his arm or other parts of his body.



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