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This page features a character that will debut proper in a future Arc.
Content written here is pre-release information and subject to change.
Name Hercules
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age Undocumented
Nationality Greece
Height 7ft, 11in

Hercules (ヘラクレス, Herakuresu) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Hercules, also known as Heracles, is a physical god hailed as a hero in the Greco-Roman world, becoming well recognized for his numerous feats of strength and courage. During his earliest years, he was loved by both men and women and became extremely popular with children for slaying and capturing many different monsters over the years. His intelligence was a key factor in his success, as he was a great strategist assisting his armies in wars and knowing when to fall back and plot a counterattack.

Hercules was originally one of Chiron’s best friends growing up, even becoming a student for him to learn some extra battle strategies. However, as the two figures got older, they started to drift apart until a massive argument broke out and a brutal fight ensued, ending with Hercules forcing Chiron to move out of Greece entirely to stay out of range of Hercules’ power. This became one of Hercules’ lowest points in history and a memory that he shivers to when recalling the events that happened. Thankfully, the tension had been forgotten by the public eye as only a few people (primarily Chiron’s friends and students) were soured by the event.

In his prime, Hercules’ figure bolstered as time advanced, increasing the size of his muscles by a huge margin. This only made Hercules far more iconic, as his easily displayed strength soon became what everyone remembered when he was thought of- referring to him as the “strongest man in the world”. Hundreds and hundreds of years went by, and Hercules continued to do what he did best, slaying monsters and winning wars. However, he watched as his old friends and fellow gods fell one by one while he remained, watching new life emerge day by day while the area around him changed and expanded. Thousands of years later and into the present, Hercules grew to almost 8 feet tall, making him one of the largest known still-living human beings on the planet. His wardrobe evolved alongside him, taking into consideration modern culture in addition to some historical elements, and many scars scattered across his arms, front, and back.

Around this time, numerous steampunk-themed weapon factories specializing in swords and other handheld weapons appeared across Hercules’ stomping grounds, creating large steelpunk-themed weapons with visible gears and engines. One particular factory was creating a giant, 12 foot long greatsword named the Grand Engine, intended to be used by Hercules. It wouldn’t be until a week before completion where Hercules would discover such a blade specifically designed for him existed. Upon obtaining the sword, it took him three months to adjust to it and master it. Afterwards, the Grand Engine became his new trademark tool, hoisted over his right shoulder when not in use.


Hercules is known widely for his bravery, courage, and surprisingly in-depth intelligence on battle and war strategies. While he has many positive traits, he is smug and egotistical, getting distracted over others that fall for his charm. Lastly, Hercules is said to be dimwitted in areas of intelligence that he doesn’t consider beneficial to himself.

When asked to participate in a fight, Hercules will, at most, simply lounge through on the sidelines until he last minute where he’ll come crashing in with the Grand Engine so he can take on an opponent while they are weakened or an army has very few units standing, to ensure he succeeds. Only if the enemy forces are powerful enough at first glance will Hercules agree to take part and jump into action immediately, enjoying fighting on even grounds more than anything else.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Hercules boasts extreme offense and defense, provided by a combination of his signature weapon- an engine-powered greatsword known as the Grand Engine and his own muscular structure. Aside from his raw strength; Hercules sports no sort of supernatural ability.

Despite his large size, Hercules’ athletic skills are top-notch, even with the bulk of his muscles and the Grand Engine affecting his top speed slightly on foot. Even without the Grand Engine, Hercules’ own punches, kicks, and body slams are extraordinarily powerful with a direct hit, with the large scale of his body only adding to the overall level of power.

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