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Name Higure
Designer Iyo-Oki
Gender Male
Age Built to be 19 (1), 21 (2), 23 (3), 26 (4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 6ft, 2in

Higure (ヒグレ) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Higure has the appearence of a young adult. He has black hair, with the lower half died yellow, and blue eyes. His battle suit is purple latex jumpsuit with various metallic patches and knee pads, sliver gloves, and black latex boots with a large star in the front of each boot. A star is tattooed onto Higure's left cheek, while two more stars can be found strapped around his neck and in the center of his upper chest respectively while wearing his battle suit..


Higure is the third in the line of Jetters constructed by Aozora and Toshi, following Redd and Zidra's creation. Of the human male Jetters, he is the most carefree and unrestricted- being the closest to Aozora physically and mentally and sharing a bedroom with him as well.

Higure's main side-activity is breakdancing, sometimes inviting Aozora along for the experience.


Higure sports high confidence, agility, passion, and above-average intelligence, but at his worst Higure can switch to being mischievous and a perversive jokester, mostly for getting some self-enjoyment out of his family. Higure is also very flamboyant, with high care for his own personal appearance (especially his two-tone hair)- taking comments about himself seriously.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Higure shares his family's tradition of being able to utilize a jetpack when wearing his battle suit, which resemble metal bat wings. Higure can perform many flips and other stunts wherever he can, even during combat, with the purpose of distracting and confusing his foes before coming in to attack. He is capable of firing a hollow yellow star-shaped projectiles from his hands with homing capabilities by spreading out the fingers on his right hand and triggering electromagnetic pulses that join together to form a projectile.



  • Higure's name is sometimes mis-spelt as Higuire.

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