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Name Jamji
Designer Rhapsonny
Gender Female
Age 17 (Arc 4)
Nationality Korean
Height 5ft, 9in

Jamji (ジャンムジ, Janmuji) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Jamji is a cheerful though careful girl from Korea who grew up with an intrest in insects and studying them in their natural habitats. She also has a keen eye for tech, owning her own custom-made dragonfly-themed air maneuverability kit, which also includes a homemade laser gun and three small fully functional dragonfly-themed drone robots.

At some point, she would meet Mugi and Gyesan, growing a big interest in the holographic boy as she had seen nothing like it. After several more encounters, the two started to hit it off and developed a great bond in the process. Gyesan since offered to help with enhancing Jamji's maneuverability kit, which gave it a longer lasting battery and boosted it's efficiency.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Jamji is equipped with a small plasma pistol that fires bursts of energy at targets, while also wearing a backpack containing battery-operated mechanical dragonfly wings and a pair of jet boots for extended movement in the air.

Jamji's main skill is calling out three humanoid dragonfly drones that reside in her wing-pack to aid her by orbiting around her and producing a yellow triangular-shaped barrier to guard against attacks as well as joining her in blasting targets with their own arm cannons. The humanoid dragonflies can also spread off from Jamji and fight on their own.


In other languages[edit]

  • Korean: 잠지


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