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The Jetters are a series of nine robots built by Toshi and a selection of his friends with direct guidance by Aozora, serving as his family. They all live with Aozora in their house.


Each Jetter has two modes of operation depending on if they're wearing their armor or not: a "Casual" mode which depicts the Jetters as basic human beings wearing relatively normal clothing, and a "Combat" mode where each Jetter dons their respective signature battle armor/suit and wings.

Due to the available technology Toshi had at the time of their creation, the Jetters all function precisely like normal human beings whenever they be in casual or combat mode. Their skin is an artificial material made to be as close to human skin as possible, with their insides having some parts in common with a human's but constructed from metal and other artificial materials. All the Jetters have different personalities and the ability to express emotions and feel certain discomforts such as hunger and sleepiness and learn and develop interests over time thanks to their brains being able to write data on the fly.

The Jetters are able to eat and drink food and beverages, which are then steadily burned over time as an energy source from within. They additionally operate on long-lasting solar batteries, with small solar panels located inside the skin of their chests and foreheads. Without a charge, the battery can last a straight two months if the Jetter is completely awake. In the basement of Aozora's house are wireless charging stations that also give yearly frimware updates to fix potential quirks in the Jetters' programing or their combat functionality and provide backups if a fatal error to the AI occurs.


The Jetters are listed in their production order, from oldest to newest:

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