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Name Jiuroukichi
Designer Ryan McConnachie
Gender Male
Age 29 (Arc 1)
31 (Arc 2)
33 (Arc 3)
36 (Arc 4)
Nationality Japanese-Scottish
Height 6ft, 1in

Jiroukichi (次郎吉) is a character from the Aozora's Adventure series.


Jiroukichi is a person of Japanese heritage that relocated to Scotland and looking to don himself as "the next generation of Robin Hood", wanting to escape the crowded and overwhelming social nature of his old home. Settling into a small house he bought with what was left when reaching the country, Jiroukichi begun working in part-time jobs to make his funds back. While the jobs he employed himself into weren't anything special, Jiroukichi made a decent amount of money for his efforts.

One of Jiroukichi's most significant figures was the man running the archery store, whom Jiroukichi met during a day of job-hunting. A man who spoke in a heavy Scottish accent, he instructed Jiroukichi on how to use an archer's set, adapting pretty quickly due to his silent, patient nature. The man also supplied Jiroukichi with other hunting gear, including his trademark heavy green coat. Jiroukichi later had the suit customized with a hood, as he wanted to keep his true face covered to help mask his real appearance.


Jiroukichi is the calm, independent, and silent type, preferring only to speak when he must. He is very intelligent- especially with tool management, and likes everything done the right way, or he won't have it.

When occupied, he dislikes being interrupted, as he needs absolute patience to concentrate. This also plays into his archery skills, as a single distraction can disrupt him easily and cause him to lose focus.



  • Jiroukichi is based on the English folklore character Robin Hood, and was initially referred to as such prior to his inclusion in the Aozora's Adventure series.

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