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Name Kalmanu
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age 34 (Arc 3)
37 (Arc 4)
Nationality American
Height 6ft, 6in

Kalmanu (カルマヌー, Karumanū) is a character in Aozora's Adventure.


Despite being a human, Kalmanu's figure is rather abnormal and only slightly resembles the proper anatomy of a human. His head is a cylinder shape that angles inwards on the top, with large streaks of shamrock green hair sprouting from the top and folding out to resemble the leaves of a palm tree. Kaberno's eyes are simple black lines containing only the irises. Despite lacking a visible neck, Kaberno's head can twist and tilt itself normally. Wrapped around the base of the head is a flat green collar with makeshift dark green leaves of a constant length hanging from all sides.


Kalmanu is a long-time wilderness explorer that travels the world, adventuring through jungles and rainforests for fun.

Kalmanu likes to eat fruit, with his personal favorite being watermelon as, in his own words, it makes for a great projectile in combat.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Thanks to his large, bulky arms and legs, Kalmanu is quick and powerful, and can climb trees and vines as good as a simian. With his arms, he can also chuck objects at high speeds, most commonly watermelons.



  • Kalmanu's appearance and anatomical structure, along with having characteristics of a palm tree, was primarily based on Barbecue from the PS1 game Cosmic Race.

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