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Name Keanu
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age 19 (Arc 1)
21 (Arc 2)
23 (Arc 3)
26 (Arc 4)
Nationality Hispanic-Japanese
Height 5ft, 8in

Keanu (キアヌ, Kianu) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Keanu originally moved to Japan in his late childhood and grew up enjoying dancing and the desire of being rich and striking it big, dressing like a sharp, rich kid in flashy monochromatic clothing with stylish hair. As Keanu grew older and closed in on adulthood, he started hanging out in dance clubs with the hopes of making a name for himself with slick dance moves and potentially gathering a group of females that crowd around him every chance they get- to no avail.

Once Keanu became legal-aged, he started to gamble at a variety of casinos in the area, with the goal of adding more to his wallet and impressing even more people with high-stake victories in American-stlye casinos and Japanese-style pachinko pallors- especially those with dance floors. While reasonably successful in gambling. Keanu's success rate is only above average.


Due to the "rich kid" motifs he developed throughout his life, Keanu is interpreted as a cocky showoff with an attraction to impressing and gathering the attention of anyone around him, especially pretty girls. He is also reckless with money, using it to make the most of his appearance with expensive suits, decking out his living space, and going on expensive luxury vacations.

Despite these shortcomings, Keanu is almost always in a good mood- smiling constantly when things go well for him.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Keanu carries around a special deck of magical playing cards, which he uses in combat. In combat mode, the cards become more solid and razor-sharp, and are able to levitate and travel long distances, enabling them to be used as projectiles. Keanu can also call the cards at will to spin around his body, causing anything near him, projectiles included, to be pushed away.



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