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Commission lachlanrender.png
Name Lachlan
Designer NoXV
Gender Male
Age 18 (Arc 3)
21 (Arc 4)
Nationality Latin
Height 5ft, 6in

Lachlan (ラチラン, Rachiran) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Lachlan sports light brown skin, brown spiky hair that points upwards and to his right side, and a chartreuse bandana. His outfit is styled like a traditional but colorful pirate scout's, colored chartreuse, lime green, orange-yellow, and red.


Lachlan is a brave, determined, and competitive pirate that once set sail from the shorelines of Mexico. After several days of traveling by sea with a large amount of supplies, he eventually arrives in Japan and docks his ship, deciding to explore the country by foot. When hanging out, Lachlan spends his time sitting on or standing in a large barrel that he sometimes breaks out of when he gets overly excited.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Lachlan wields a custom made fishing pole with striped red and white string and a four-ended hook. It is made more for combat than actual fishing, as it is tailor-made with a mechanical "whipping" mechanism to instantly reel in with great force if Lachlan flings it back. The fishing rod's string is long and sturdy enough to where Lachlan can cast it several feet away after some buildup and still have it function properly. The fishing pole's main use is to grapple onto anything from afar and reel it in- mainly people, so Lachlan can follow up with a close-range attack or a swing of the fishing rod itself, which is made with a sturdier but flexible rod.

Lachlan has great dexterity despite his physical strength being only average at best.


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