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Name Leonore
Designer ViciousSHADi
Gender Male
Age 44 (Arc 3)
47 (Arc 4)
Nationality British
Height 6ft, 2in

Leonore (レオノア, Reonoa) is a major antagonist in the Aozora's Adventure series.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Even with his basic appearance, Leonore is far stronger than he looks- being swift and quick and housing a wide selection of magical powers. His claim to fame is being far more durable than normal humans due to being cursed with "Black Blood", a dark-colored semi-sentient substance in place of regular blood which allows his body to survive attacks that would prove fatal otherwise- quickly repairing and pulling back together his body if damaged or separated.

Leonore's powers include flight, teleportation, dimensional warping between the real world and his ideal dream world (being able to draw others into it through generating red-colored portals) and disguising himself as others and inanimate objects via flash-transformation, alongside magicaly-powered punches and kicks. When in a critical state, the black blood leaks out of Leonore's body and proceeds to take over- changing his appearance and making him into a ruthless hunter that puts all his power and focus onto killing whatever opposes him. If defeated, the black blood will continue to reshape Leonore into more powerful forms as he completely loses his sanity.



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