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This page features a character that will debut proper in a future Arc.
Content written here is pre-release information and subject to change.
Magius by mirerose-dcgfjbk.png
Name Magius
Designer Mirerose
Gender Male
Age 24 (Arc 4)
26 (Arc 5)
Nationality American
Height 5ft, 11in

Magius (マギウス, Magiusu) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


As a teenager, Magius, then known under a real name he refuses to reveal, was once an amateur magician that set into a business in New York City before his failures and inexperience with performing tricks in front of live audiences caused his success and fortunes to plummet, eventually sending him into a life of crime and thievery years later in a quest to acquire more tools and power for himself and his magical acts.

To complete his signature uniform, Magius scouted down a white and black magician’s mask as well as an ultra-fancy custom-made black tuxedo topped off with a black magician’s top hat and a pair of double-sided black and white gloves. His ensuing acts had led to him being branded the “Thief of Illusion” by the city, using the powers of a magical red and black cape he stole from a magician to lurk in the shadows and do feats no thief could accomplish before.


Magius looks steadily younger than he really is and while he can express emotions well, he is often quiet and speechless, rarely speaking a word ever since he went rogue to avoid drawing in attention from authorities. However, he is very intelligent, great at strategizing, and is not quick to give up, giving off devilish grins when the situation is in his favor. Despite his powers and high manuverability, Magius is very protective over his stylish appearance and only sports average physical strength- making him relatively weak without his cape or his specially-made assassin’s knife.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Magius is armed with a highly powerful red and black magician’s cape infused with incredible magic, and it proves to be the most valuable asset in his arsenal. Using the cape, Magius can swing it at targets to block their weapons and projectiles or transform them into harmless objects. Magius can use the cape himself to teleport, turn invisible, and disguise himself as anyone stored within his memories, completely mimicking their voice in the process. Magius can also fly by riding the cape like a magic carpet and descend slowly by holding it like a parachute. When not used, Magius can teleport the cape onto his back to wear it as an accessory. The cape can also transform itself into a motorcycle for fast movement on the streets, though because it produces lots of noise, it is only used as a last resort. If the cape is lost or torn apart, Magius can instantly generate a new cape in the sleeve of his suit while instantly disintegrating the old cape to prevent others from using it's powers.

Magius wields an assassin’s knife with a makeshift red rose tied on one end in his pockets. Magius swiftly draws out the knife when direct violence is necessary- performing magically-enhanced stabs and swipes to deal greater injuries.



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