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Mr. Morph

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Name Mr. Morph
Designer Superjustinbros
setvasai (Final design)
Gender Male
Age Undocumented
Nationality American
Height 7ft, 2in

Mr. Morph (Mr.モーフ, Misutā Mōfu) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Mr. Morph is a robot composed of a human head with brown hair styled into a long pompadour, dark green eyes, a pair of sunglasses with red lining along the top, and numerous green spheres assembled in the shape of a muscular humanoid (with dark green hands, feet, and pelvis). In total, there are 18 spheres.


Developed in California in a high-tech research facility, Mr. Morph was created as a superhero to help ward off threats across the state, but began traveling to other states and countries to boost his recognition. His attempts at being a "radical, hip, and cool dude" have not sat well with many, though he does have a set of dedicated followers despite his small ego and will go great lengths to be a hero and protect what he loves and desires.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Aside form being able to launch long-distance punches and kicks from distances afar, Mr. Morph can reconfigure, resize, and reshape the spheres he is built from as they are made of a magnetic, hardened liquid to morph either a part of or his whole body into almost any object that is roughly his size, twice as large, or smaller. Mr. Morph can make all but his core sphere (the one that serves as his chest) detach or disappear; as long as the core remains it can replenish any missing spheres and return him to his standard form.

Mr. Morph's most frequently used forms include:

  • Engine: Mr. Morph's feet sprout two wheels underneath while his calf muscle orbs shape themselves into engines- each with four exhaust pipes bending upwards (two on each side). In this form, Mr. Morph is capable of reaching speeds of roughly 45 miles an hour (72 kph). Mr. Morph can also sprout large wheels placed on the outer side of his feet for extra speed at the cost of losing reliable steering while maintaining high speeds.
  • Rolling Orb: All of Mr. Morph's orbs disappear while his head retreats inside the core sphere, which expands in size and gains the ability to shift between a hard and stone-like or a soft rubbery surface. From here, Mr. Morph can roll or bounce across landscapes to reach high air and/or speed, potentially rolling and crashing into foes and obstacles with great impact.
  • Hammer Arm: Mr. Morph's hand morphs into a large hammer head while his arm orbs expand out to hold it's weight. The hammer head can be either large or massive sized, with one size being easier to control and more reliable while the other is more slow and heavy, but packs extreme power.
  • Jet Plane: A form used for fast, reliable transportation rather than combat. Mr. Morph tucks in most of his spheres into the core sphere- enlarging it in the process, and forms a pair of plane wings using his arms, repositioning his lower body into a compressed, spherical plane body. His feet bend back and morph into jet boosters for take off and high air speed, demorphing back into feet for landing.

Mr. Morph's is also capable of growing, changing and solidifying his hair into different shapes, the most frequently used being thin needles, spikes, and horns.



  • Mr. Morph's body style and ability to transform was inspired by the title character of the Vectorman series of games.

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