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Name Mugi
Designer WhiteNamikaze
Gender Male
Age Created to be 14 (Arc 4)
Nationality Korean
Height 4ft, 2in

Mugi (牟岐) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Mugi resembles a teenager with a round, oversized head (being created to be someone of that age) with crisp, spiky blue hair and slanted blue eyes. Around Mugi's eyes is a smooth black surface resembling and eye mask (extending to coloring his eyelids black).

Mugi has four signal and voice receivers in his hair and wears large black and cyan headphones worn upside down. Due to an accident the occurred during his creation, Mugi lacks a mouth on the bottom of his head; making him completely unable to speak.


As an artificial creation that wasn't completed, Mugi can only express a limited range of emotions, primarily anger, disappointment, and shock with his eyes. Mugi is also fairly lazy and childlike, spending his free time loafing around and dosing off in Gyesan's house unless Gyesan calls out to him and tells him to do something. Despite these shortcomings, Mugi is loyal to Gyesan and anyone he develops a bond with, fighting alongside them if necessary.

When inside his virtual world, Mugi's personality and communication skills are noticeably improved and he gains the ability to speak, although his emotions are still underdeveloped and his mouth remains nonexistent.


Mugi is a hologram from Korea created by Gyesan with a physical hard body that was "born prematurely" due to Mugi accidentally smashing and destroying part of the transmission device he was being created from while it was still downloading data into his body and processing it into reality. This accident resulted in Mugi becoming incomplete- He is unable to show or feel certain emotions that don't rely on eyes and/or body language and lacks a visible mouth to communicate with. Bizarrely, Mugi can sprout speech balloons from his head- displaying only Korean and Japanese emoticons which are Mugi’s sole ethos of communication. The bulky headset Mugi wears, which Gyesan created incase of an emergency, serves to keep his ability to function properly in check- otherwise he will slowly deter into madness, go insane, and crumble apart. As Mugi must wear the headphones at all times or risk death, he has some difficulty with hearing- especially when he plugs the microphone into a radio or music player and gets well immersed into the song currently playing. His preferred genres of music include hip-hop, funk, K-Pop, and J-Pop.

Mugi primarily lives with Gyesan in a small apartment complex located in a busy city. Gyesan continues researching into improving Mugi and making him more stable and complete after his expensive transmission equipment was trashed. Gyesan in his spare time programed a small virtual living space in his desktop in the form of a large mansion that Mugi can jack into by touching the monitor with all five fingers on one hand, causing him to break up into glowing white pixels and enter the computer. In this virtual realm, Mugi is incapable of going dysfunctional without his headphones, thus being the only location where it's fully safe to remove them. Mugi can also reach higher levels of strength inside the computer world compared to reality without fear of running out of energy and can even speak complete sentences (despite still having no mouth).

Some time after his creation, Jamji encountered Mugi while he and Gyesan were checking some data on the latter's smartphone in the city park. Jamji grew excited at the idea of Mugi being a living hologram and asked Gyesan how he created Mugi, eventually leading to the two starting up a close friendship and Jamji earning Mugi's trust and backup as a battle partner.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Mugi has the ability to dismantle his arms at will into blue energy and reform them into a variety of exotic, high-tech firearms that use cybernetic energy as ammunition with Mugi's hand/arm still intact to pull the weapon's trigger once it is fully formed. The weapons formed from Mugi's hands are usually sleek black in color, and have futuristic themes with lines of blue plasma running through. The weapons Mugi generates from his hand include a plasma rifle, a machine gun, a rail gun, and a grenade launcher that blasts explosive orbs of energy.

If Mugi uses too much power, his head will begin to glow and radiate blue smoke and energy. Mugi’s most powerful weapons can especially cause this effect, most notably a large but seldom-used gauss cannon that blasts a giant beam of cybernetic energy. It is extremely risky as it can overload Mugi with too much energy and make him collapse on the spot, making it only a last-resort tactic, and only if Mugi is overcharged using electricity will it work without endangering Mugi’s life.


Name In Other Languages[edit]

  • Korean: 무기


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