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Name Pelevin
Designer TheArashi
Gender Male
Age 22 (Arc 3)
25 (Arc 4)
Nationality Russian
Height 5ft, 7in

Pelevin (ペレヴァン, Perevuan) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Pelevin is an amateur knight from Russia with low physical strength and intelligence compared to the other knights of his division, along with cowardly traits and and backing out of most fights if forced to engage. Even in later years after maturing and becoming less frightful, he still has sheds of his old flaws inside.

One day in his late teens while walking through the nearby woods of the training grounds late at night, Pelevin saw a small, while light deeper in. Chasing after it to investigate, he found the source of the glow: A bright white stallion with dark grey hair that was trotting through the woods slowly.

Moments after Pelevin encountered the creature in an open section of the forest, the stallion turned and noticed Pelevin following him, hearing Pelevin's footsteps through the grass and fallen leaves. The stallion spoke in a soft, smooth voice, saying "Well now, I had a feeling someone was on my tail". Pelevin stayed put as the magical stallion turned his body to face him continued to talk. "I've been hearing from the other horses and townsfolk that you... lack the strength to be a true knight." Pelevin nodded while looking shocked, before his posture loosened up and returned to normal. "Tell you what, kiddo. I'll help you on on your little quest for glory." the horse continued. "My name is Stali, a horse that's unlike any other- consider yourself lucky that you met me." Pelevin at first was reluctant to the offer for help, but he accepted it as he felt there would be no other way to increase his relevance. Approaching the horse, Stali said "Hop onto my back and I'll give you a ride back to the village." encouraging Pelevin to climb aboard and ride Stali back to his hometown.

Thanks to the efforts and companionships of Stali, Pelevin made noticeable improvements to his fighting style and learned to overcome his fears and weaknesses. Advancing steadily through the ranks, he acquired a fancy high-class sword which would allow him to fight more reliably, and could call Stali to assist him at any time.


In other languages[edit]

  • Russian: Пелевин

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