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Name Phasmor
Designer Gunstoppable
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Height 6ft, 1in

Phasmor (ファズモア, Fazumoa) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Unlike the other Prism Robots, Phasmor is a living entity of static, yellow plasma inhabiting a suit of detached metallic armor parts- allowing it to take on a human-like shape. The headband of the armor contains two eye sockets with yellow LED eyes and an artificial brain microchip inside, giving Phasmor increased vision and intelligence, along with the ability to form a wide mouth that can take on many jagged shapes and speak in a warped, electronic voice- the most broken and deranged-sounding of the Prism Robots, alongside giving him a pair of white teeth and a glowing yellow tongue both made of plasma. Lastly, the plasma above the headband forms into makeshift hair, reacting based on Phasmor’s emotions.


Phasmor is the third of the Prism Robots- created to represent and weaponize the Sin of Greed.

Phasmor a hoarder, collecting anything he considers viable or expensive and keeping them stored in the Prism Robots’ headquarters- often to the disturbance and hindrance of the other six robots. Ontop of absorbing electricity, Phasmor can also feast on coins and other metals to burn them up in the plasma and increase his power, but only if he sees no use or cost in them. Phasmor’s other primary hobby is listening to music (techno-punk and rave being his preferred genres), which gets him pumped.

In the field, Phasmor is primarily seen venturing with Slourstro, who keeps Phasmor from becoming a liability to the team and keeping him on his toes when they're on a mission. Back at their headquarters, Phasmor is also one of the three members of the team in charge with repairing the mechas, though his immaturity tends to get the best of him and cause him to slack off, requiring Slourstro or Malianta to intervene.

Despite his shortcomings, Phasmor has decent intelligence and intellect and finds ways to be useful to the crew when he decides not to fool around, and he'll be there to back them up.


Phasmor is a hyperactive “smartass” with a knack for making self-centered comments about himself while taunting and provoking others- including his own teammates when he gets desperate or doesn't wish to follow along with their plans. Phasmor is also a goofball with a very wide assortment of expressions and a knack for not taking anything seriously at face value. If his mood deepens, he becomes more antagonistic and prone to misbehavior, potentially taking his sarcastic comments too far and becoming problematic for the team if he decides to unleash comments onto Vauxen; forcing the other Prism Robots to interfere and put a stop to both of them.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Once Phasmor's plasma body is combined with his personal armor, he becomes sharply fast and powerful. Each main piece of armor (head, hands, shoulders, chest, hips, knees, and feet) contain electric generators which keep Phasmor’s energy levels at a constant, steady level, allowing them to link up with Phasmor's body and move in sync with one another. The armor is almost impossible to remove, as it is kept in place by powerful magnetics which are attracted to Phasmor’s plasma and nothing else.

The full armor set (aside from the chest, hips, shoulders, and knees which functionally serve no purpose) includes the headband which provides Phasmor proper yellow LED eyes to see with, two large claw-like hands linked to the chest armor through high-voltage black electrical wire-arms which Phasmor can charge up (causing them to glow yellow) for faster and more powerful swipes, two booster-powered jet shoes which enable Phasmor to hover and fly, and several black-colored metal bits that detach form the back of Phasmor’s chest and hips and float in front of him to form a solid shield or orbit around him to cast a force-field of yellow plasma around him. Phasmor can also blast energy balls, shock waves, and beams of plasma from his clawed hands and mouth, as well as extend the length of his electro-arms and legs to reach out and attack from a distance.

Phasmor’s mech, the Phaser Athropod, resembles a giant, mobile armored insect with characteristics of a fly, a dragonfly, and a mosquito powered with “megavolt electricity.” With great speed, boosters on every leg and the main body’s rear, and the ability to shield itself in yellow plasma armor and fire powerful wave-motion blasts from it’s mouth, it is a very capable piece of machinery even if it’s potential power is underdeveloped compared to the less mobile but more powerful mechs used by the other Prism Robots.



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