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Prism Robots

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The Prism Robots (プリズムロボット, Purizumu Robotto) are a team of seven semi-humanoid robots.

The Prism Robots were created roughly 40 years before the present in top secret by an alien tribe during their stay on Earth, using their own highly advanced technology that was unheard of and not known to humans at the time. Thus, their reasons for manufacturing the Prism Robots are unknown.

The Prism Robots they created were primarily colored one of the colors of the rainbow along with black. Their eyes are empty black sockets with small LED-like eyes colored the Prism Robot's distinct color (which turn off when the Prism Robot would blink or closing their eyes. The LED eyes slide across the socket to emulate an eye turning and are protected by a transparent shielding placed over each eye. Their faces are capable of showing a very wide range of emotions via both the eyes and mouth, the latter containing a fully functional tongue colored to match the Prism Robot along with artificial saliva glands. Scattered across their bodies and armor are additional LED lights that shine in other colors colors. Lastly, they were intended to weaponize each of the seven Sins during their creation.

However, a major programing error gave each of them destructive personalities matching the Sins they were intended to weaponize and their voices- which once were perfectly akin to a normal human's speech, became distorted and robotic in short time (with the yellow "Greed" robot, Phasmor, developing the most broken of the robots' voices). Unable to fix the robots and prevent them from growing hostile and turn on the alien tribe, the aliens sealed up the robots in suspended animation for eternity in a deep underground base located near Area 51 and flew back into outer space, never to return.

A near-finished project was also abandoned and sealed up with the robots- personal mechas that the robots could enter and drive, each catered to take advantage of the best traits of their riders alongside sporting their riders' signature color.

40 years later, an intelligent robotics engineer named Jonathan found his way into the base and awoke them from suspended animation, releasing the seven robots and granting them access to their powers and allowing them to finish and use their personal mechas.



  • The seven Prism Robots, appearance-wise, are based on the Septima forms of The Sumeragi Seven and The Seven of the Sumeragi and Eden groups respectively in the Azure Striker Gunvolt series.

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