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Name Redd
Designer theGloriesBigJ
Gender Female
Age Built to be 17 (1), 19 (2), 21 (3), 24 (4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 5ft, 11in

Redd (レッド, Reddo) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Created by Aozora and Toshi, Redd is the first in a series of human androids known as the Jetters. Redd was built to resemble a female counterpart to Aozora, with a similar personality and attire.

Redd is a huge fan of aviation and calls herself tomboy, to contrast with her eventual sisters Kokoro and Moriya. Aside from Aozora and her sisters, Redd also enjoys time around Beta, who lets her join him in various activities and brings her to air shows held in her home country- often times flying directly there in their battle suits. Other than Beta, she also likes to spend time sister-talking with Kokoro and Moriya- particularly in the evenings.

Several years after her creation and constant use of her old jetpack, Toshi, with help from the rest of the Jetters developed a new jetpack and crafted a new battle suit for Redd, which she has been using since.


Redd is cheerful, energetic, and playful, but she can get annoyed fairly easily.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

When Redd is in her battle suit and equipped with her personal jetpack, Redd gains immense flight capabilities thanks to a set of small but powerful wings used for air control. She can perform a multitude of aerial acrobatic tricks with ease and slam into opponents with blistering fast punches and kicks thanks to the above-average bulk of her gloves and boots. With the increased performance of her second dual turbine jetpack, she is able to blast herself away at even faster speeds.



  • Redd's design is the oldest design ever established for Aozora's Adventure, being created on July 24th, 2009.

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