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Name Rizer
Designer NRGart7
Gender Male
Age Built to be 30 (Arc 3), 33 (Arc 4)
Nationality Unknown
Height 6ft, 4in

Rizer (リゼル, Rizeru) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Rizer is a robot with a human face covered in metal on the sides, messy black hair, dull yellow eyes, and futuristic grayscale lightweight metal (with small amounts of rubber) assembling the outside and inside of his body- giving the look of a mildly muscular figure with artificial abs and well-developed legs. The metal is assembled in such a way that enables Rizer to bend his body as much as a general human can, making him very flexible and agile.


Rizer is a human android super soldier created to be the extreme in both power and speed. As a soldier since completion, he has extreme determination, willpower and patience and will risk all and anything to accomplish his objectives. His preferred strategy is remaining in the shadows while ambushing his given targets and attacking fast and hard before any traces of his presence can be detected. Rizer sports no knowledge of his creation, claiming "I have no creators", and is quick to walking away or fleeing on the spot if he spots an enemy to engage in stealth or plot a surprise attack on later unless he is sighted, prompting him to attack on the spot.

Rizer is very arrogant with his powers and extremely picky over what weapons he uses- preferring to do battle with only his own high-end ultra-sharp futuristic sword with neon yellow edging. This sword is never seen out of Riser's possession- being magnetically attached to his back when not in use.

Rizer has a particular rivalry with Bachi ever since the day he met him and Gunthor face to face during one of his missions. The rivalry mostly stems from Rizer having heard of Bachi's success in the past and being sent to personally stop Bachi from completing his mission.


Due to his soldier-like tendencies, Rizer's given AI is serious, aggressive, and prefers not to waste time on small talk unless it's considered vital to his objective. As part of his serious nature, the most common emotions Rizer's AI displays is completely neutral, anger, frustration, shock, or smugness. He will show the occasional smirk if he's at an advantage or succeeds in fooling his target in some fashion, otherwise he will keep his default expressions to keep focus- especially in the heat of combat.

After losing to Bachi during the first and only mission he was ever given upon activation, Rizer's AI developed and became independent, preferring to do his own thing without interference from any superior authorities. He wonders the world, looking for fights and chances to improve his strength and stealth and make his mark on the world, and perhaps display the occasional bit of heroism.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Rizer has lightning-fast agility akain to a ninja, decent durability, and wields a high-end sword tailor-made to suit his fighting style. He can go extremely aggressive on targets and swing his blade several times in only the span of several seconds, playing hit-and-run strategies to beat down tougher opponents. The sword also contains magnetism, which allows Riser to reach out and increase the flow of energy into his arms and retrieve the sword from any distance if it is thrown or lost. In some instances, Rizer uses this magnetism to his advantage, preferably when he throws the sword forwards to attack from afar before pulling his arm out and recalling the sword back, handle-first, to catch and reclaim it. The sword latches onto Rizer's back when it's not in use, staying put until it is needed again.

Even without his sword, Rizer sports exponential strength. A well-timed and swift punch, kick, or stomp can leave dents in even the toughest steel, and it is his go-to attack if his sword has otherwise no effect.



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