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Name Rodrigo
Designer ColorMyMemory
Gender Male
Age 18 (Arc 2)
20 (Arc 3)
23 (Arc 4)
Nationality African
Height 5ft 9in

Rodrigo (ロドリゴ) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Rodrigo was raised by his tribe as a fire-breather, forced to eat and breathe fire by his superiors since the age of seven for their amusement. Around the time he was ten years old, he was forced by the village chief into ingesting a sacred violet flame powered by an ancient voodoo spell said to be so vile that it couldn't be spat out, thus resulting in the victim possibly risking their life trying to swallow it. He tried to fight his way out of having to ingest the fire, but Rodrigo could only struggle as he was restrained by four tribesmen on a chair while the flame was forced inside down his throat. As Rodrigo felt immense pain from within, the voodoo flame began to demonstrate a previously un-known side effect as it made it's way through Rodrigo's inner workings: his veins became red-hot, his blood boiled, and fire swelled through his organs, premaritally transforming the young boy into a living being of fire and magma.

Finally having a taste of power, Rodrigo used his new power to force the tribesmen and the chief to release him. Feeling pumped, he proceeded to burn down the village he was raised in as an act of retaliation, forcing his tribe and all the residents that had used him as a tool to retreat into the distance, never to see Rodrigo again. With the entire village destroyed by Rodrigo's extreme power, Rodrigo began to wonder around the African plains alone, steering clear away from any sort of civilization. Rodrigo eventually found himself most comfortable laying on the grounds of an active volcano, where he would spend most of his life.

As the years passed, Rodrigo, still wondering around Africa covered in ash and dirt and wearing only a loincloth, started to feel desperately lonely. He discovered additional side effects of the new powers he acquired, such as the ability to inhale and swallow fires and chomp down on rocks and minerals, as well as transform himself and any clothing he wears into lava. He continued wandering around, far from the volcano he had called home until he found another tribal village: this one far larger, more developed, and led by a more confident chief that was looking for potential performers for his newest monthly festival. Rodrigo accepted to perform on-stage under the condition that he would not be used or tortured by the tribe. Several nights later, the festival was held and Rodrigo was welcomed on stage in front of a wide audience, fully cleaned and sporting a new look provided by the tribesmen and women that he has kept since. Rodrigo began to put on the solo show of a lifetime, dancing at breakneck speed while igniting his body, breathing fire, and swinging embers all across the stage to create a flashy display. After the festival ended to roaring cheers, Rodrigo set off back to his home in the volcanos to experiment more with his abilities, promising to return with a new trick up his sleeve to wow the village the following month.

Years later after a run-in with Aozora, Rodrigo began to take his performances across the globe, becoming a legend in the stage show industry as a result.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Thanks to his pyrokinesis abilities, Rodrigo can produce and cast fire from any part of his body at will. He can inhale external flames and build up fire in his mouth, lungs, or stomach to increase the power of his flames (causing them to expand out each respective organ if overcharged, leading to Rodrigo being able to fly if he overcharges and holds charge in all three areas at once). Rodrigo can also morph his skin and clothing into boiling magma and charge at targets in the form of a giant fireball at high speeds. By compressing magma from within his stomach, Rodrigo can expel large flaming lava boulders from his mouth at high speeds and distances.

During stage shows, Rodrigo can ingest color bombs to temporarily change the colors of the fires he expels. If he eats multiple at once, the fires cycle through the colors eaten.



  • Rodrigo's appearance during conceptualization drew inspiration from Rufio, a character from the 1991 film Hook.

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