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Name Roguem
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Height 5ft, 5in

Roguem (ローグエン, Rōguen) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Roguem is the sixth of the Prism Robots- created to represent and weaponize the Sin of Sloth.

Roguem is extremely fluent and knowledgable in the field of mechanics and technology, with most of the other robots turning to him for advice. He shares Morgaous' role as a team programer and is arguably superior to him in the role, but his laziness can make him as equally unreliable in the end, refusing to help unless he is bribed or absolutely needed to contribute.


Roguem is very lazy, self-centered, impatient, and boasts less physical strength than the other Prism Robots, even when angered or serious. Even with his laid-back lifestyle, Roguem is the most intelligent and tech-savy of the Prism Robots, spending most of his time reading and researching in his private den when not on the job. Roguem also shows very little outward emotion, being the least expressive of the seven unless he gets desperate or his presence is absolutely needed.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

In order to be capable of combat, a high-mobility mech with four stilt legs (two in the front, two in the rear), two large hands connected to ultra-flexible arms, and a large "head": a CRT television set originally taken from a junkyard during construction with composite cables attached to it's side- connected to a long, ultra flexible wire-like neck was created for Roguem. The base of the mech's body is a seat which Roguem rests on while controlling the mech with a pair of joysticks, buttons, and pedals. The mech is capable of firing punches, shooting off laser beams from it's fingers, and throwing it's hands like boomerangs, which are remote-controlled. The front of the CRT head can open up like a hatch to reveal a laser cannon inside, which can charge up and fire an indigo-colored "Lazy Beam": a slow-moving but powerful ball of energy that plows through targets. When ready to fire following a sucesfull charge, the CRT head will quickly bend down in front of Roguem to get a clear aim before opening up and firing the projectile. The mech also sports sentience and can act and fight by itself without Roguem's involvement. The mech is also equipped with a tracking device to seek down and reunite with Roguem if separated, and rocket thrusters for flight. Roguem's feet also contain jet boosters, allowing him to fly without having to rely on the mech.

Like the other Prism Robots, Roguem is also in possession of a larger, more traditional mecha, the Rogue Halberd, which resembles a giant flying battleship almost as large as Slourstro's Giga Fortress. It is armed with a very large assortment of weapons it can fire at will with Roguem in the commander's seat. The most powerful weapon at it's disposal is a giant laser beam of indigo plasma, shot from a giant cannon protruding out of the front of the mecha's underside. In the events where a foe invades the ship itself, Roguem can put the Rogue Halberd into autopilot, causing it to act on it's own accord while Roguem does battle with the invading forces of his ship.

The Rogue Halberd has large mechanical feet tucked into it's sides, folding out when Roguem lands the ship on the ground. The legs are surprisingly nimble and able to bend with lots of armor and protection allowing it to take plenty of fire, though the ship's rear and side thrusters are always engaged to keep the ship steady while standing and walking. When docking, the legs slowly bring the Rogue Halberd down to the ground by steadily folding the legs back and tucking them back in.


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