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Name Ryongbo
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Female
Age 37 (Arc 3)
40 (Arc 4)
Nationality Korean
Height 6ft, 5in

Ryongbo (ライのオング, Rainoongu) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Ryongbo's figure is large and overweight. She has black hair curled up into two stacked buns shooting upwards from the back of her head. Her face is pudgy, with her eyes appearing to be near-permantely closed- forming two small "n" shapes. Only when displaying intense emotion (anger and shock, primarily) do her eyes open, revealing them to be indigo in color. Ryongbo wears a pair of eyeglasses with square lenses and wears lightweight, yellow stick-shapped earrings that dangle from her ears. Red sticks also sprout from the lower bun in her hair.

Ryongbo wears a customized Korean-styled sleeveless dress with purple fabric that covers her upper and lower chest as well as holding in her above average-sized breasts overweight stomach area. It also covers a fair amount of her legs, which are also covered in baggy black shorts with one side bearing her family's personal logo. She wears fuchsia oriental-style cooking gloves and her footwear of choice are short black and purple high heels with white foldings at the top and a zipper running down the center of the top of the shoes.


Ryongbo is a large, overweight, glasses-wearing Korean woman known for her extreme skill as a chef, a trait she inherited from her father who was once one of South Korea's best cooks. Due to her figure as a mother, Ryongbo is very caring and protective to those she is close to and easily respects others, offering them her fresh homemade foods as a sign of friendship. However, Ryongbo may sometimes let her motherly instincts and other misfortunes get the best of her, which can impact the quality of her cooking.

She lives with her husband Hojin and her superpowered son Taeyong in a town developed to embrace Korea's past from centuries prior. Because of their extremely close bond and their tendency to travel great distances, Ryongbo will almost always have Taeyong by her side, alongside large portable containers of cooking and camping equipment hoisted on her back.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Ontop of sporting great cooking skills, Ryongbo's thick, heavy build gives her great strength and durability. For weapons, Ryongbo uses a variety of kitchen knives and can use her powerful arms to launch her son Taeyong to disrupt attackers by transforming into stone, magma, or a field of electricity- rendering Taeyong nearly invincible.

In other languages[edit]

  • Korean: 용보 (Yongbo)


  • Ryongbo shared some of her her design characteristics with Cattleya from Queen's Blade, such as her thick figure (though being slightly heavy instead of muscular), her color palette, and having a child by her side. Her outfit was inspired by Jam Kuradoberi of the Guilty Gear series.

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