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This page features a character that will debut proper in a future Arc.
Content written here is pre-release information and subject to change.
Name Samuel
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age 28 (Arc 5)
30 (Arc 6)
Nationality Australian
Height 8ft

Samuel (サミュエル, Samyueru) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Samuel is a large, hulking humanoid figure with a peach colored head, chest, back, and upper legs, and dark grey arms, and lower legs, standing an impressive eight feet tall. The dark grey skin is rough, akin to a shark’s skin, while the peach skin is smooth, similar to a human’s. Across the sides of his abs are six flat diamond-shaped black lines running horizontally around his sides- three on each side.

Samuel has a pointed nose, a wide mouth with sharp teeth inside with the characteristics of both a human’s and shark’s teeth, dark green eyes, messy bluish black hair, a large fin on his backside, and four smaller fins on the sides of his lower arms and lower legs, which are used for swim control when submerged. A set of gills are located on his neck, which are almost invisible when closed.

Samuel wears a stylized blue and black baseball cap worn in reverse with a longer than average visor (though Samuel can reverse it quite easily), a pair of two black fingerless rubber gloves on his hands, thin blue swimming trunks with black lining, and two small black belts worn as wristbands. He is completely barefoot, as he needs the lack of footwear to swim effectively.


Samuel is imitating and tough at first glance but is otherwise a rather friendly being. However, he is especially quick to anger and frustration and will snap and go mad from just the smallest mishap, resorting to full blown violence if his sanity is broken enough. Samuel, while not particularly a glutton, can eat and swallow very large amounts of food at once and last a decent amount of time without going hungry again, preferring the taste of fish most of all and enjoying hunting for live schools of fish to feast on in the open waters. Never once has he considered dieting on humans, contrary to what most fiction would state, however he has no problems with directly attacking humans if they pose a threat to him.


Samuel for most of his early life was once a Great White shark with dark coloration who unknowingly ingested a mysterious pill floating in the sea (presumably created by scientists) that over time, transformed the beast into a giant, muscular human figure. He began to grow capable of human speech- sporting a deep, smooth voice and an expanded intelligence. With the transformation fully in effect, Samuel began to submerge out of the waters and onto the shorelines of various beaches naked, which both scared and disgusted the humans enjoying their time there.

Retreating into the waters and staying close to the shoreline, some women in bikinis that found Samuel’s figure attractive ran out and offered to help Samuel get suited up. While Samuel was showing a bit of weakness to them as he didn’t familiarize with females all that much, he took in their offer and the girls measured him and returned two days later with some fresh gear, including a baseball hat, gloves, swim trunks, and two small belts to wear on his arms. Samuel wasted no time testing out the gear, and it was a perfect fit. Samuel thanked the ladies and disappeared off into the sunset.

Some time after, Samuel began to notice a strange side effect of the pill he had consumed that caused him to turn into a human: it also allows him to dissipate and morph his body into liquid, allowing him to “swim” through nearly any solid land before leaping out and resuming a solid form.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Samuel, thanks to his huge, muscular build and his origins as a Great White, is extraordinarily strong. He possesses immense physical strength in his punches and kicks and can bite down extremely hard with his strong jaws, denting even the toughest of surfaces. Because of his origins as a shark, he can breathe both on land and in water and is able to swim as fast as a jetski using the fins on his arms and legs, maneuvering through large bodies of water with ease. Because of his immense size, he could also ferry up to two people across water.

Samuel’s claim to fame is a mysterious power that lets him transform his entire body and anything he wears or holds into a semitransparent clear liquid that stays together at all times and "swim" through solid surfaces, typically only leaving his back fin protruding out of the moving substance. As he submerges, Samuel’s body will immediately reform as it exits from the ground, allowing Samuel to make fast, instant strikes with his body when no one is expecting it. Samuel also can use this ability for fast travel on land. If Samuel remains in-ground for long enough, Samuel can build up and launch out a solidified liquid shark from the surface to surprise and attack foes with a ferocious chomp before it retreats back into the liquid.

However, Samuel’s power can not be used in water- simply keeping Samuel solid at all times since he is already in water. Samuel is also not able to turn his body into liquid at will unless he dives into the ground.

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