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Name Saniko
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Female
Age 21 (Arc 2)
23 (Arc 3)
26 (Arc 4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 5ft, 10in

Saniko (サニコ) is a character from the Aozora's Adventure series.


Saniko has bright grey eyes with jet-black eye-shadow and clean light blonde hair, with the sides wrapped into two short pony tails. Her outfit is composed as a black latex catsuit, with a large tear on her right leg and a few white bands wrapped around it, long blue gloves with a plain white glove on-top (also containing a few white bands, plus a steel ring), a pair of blue boots with white belts, a heavy dull-indigo-colored short vest (the flaps and straps colored a lighter shade). She also carries a small pastel blue knapsack on her left shoulder, and has a white mouth cover mounted onto her vest, occasionally worn in battle.


Saniko is a skilled but snooty and short-tempered ninja who started as a young girl learning lessons at a ninjutsu dojo. Due to her self-dependent nature, relying very little on others to accomplish tasks and not noticing if an ally is in danger until it is too late. Saniko began training by herself when not on dojo grounds, mastering many dangerous and otherwise lethal techniques thanks to her extreme agility, which led to the sensei working at the dojo kicking out Saniko in fear that it may lead to potential injuries of the other students or damage of their property.

Angrily, Saniko returned to her personal hideout: a log cabin located deep within the oriental woods surrounding a large Ancient Edo-styled village which included a large Japanese-themed amusement park and a giant pagoda with modern, disco-themed design elements which served as a dance floor and entertainment center on it's lower floors and a bathhouse and hotel on it's higher floors. At night, Saniko would travel to the pagoda, using her dexterity to scale it and look outwards into the distance from the building's roof.

As time passed, Saniko began to grow bored, and so she began to make long trips away from her hideout and the oriental village. One day, she came across a traveling clan of five tribeswomen being led by Shinobu while out exploring, prompting them to attack her on the spot. While Saniko was able to survive long enough with her speed and stash of weapons, even defeating two of the warriors, Saniko was knocked out by a well-timed swing of Shinobu's double-headed spear, leaving her unconscious on the ground. She woke up a few hours later, frustrated at her defeat at the hands of Shinobu and immediately saw her as a rival.

Back home, Saniko began crafting up her signature weapon: a bladed whip with sharp metal segments and a spear end at the tip, inspired by the spear she saw Shinobu utilize in their battle. Further determined to best Shinobu's strength and ultimately defeat her, Saniko would challenge her several more times over the months, every attempt ending in Saniko's defeat. This caused Saniko to get lonely and depressed, and so she began making even further trips away from her hideout without even knowing it.

During one of her trips, she encountered Masayoshi sitting alone in an alleyway in a nearby city. Curious, Saniko entered the alleyway and sat next to him, prompting Masayoshi to notice and introduce himself dramatically. He recites his interest in dancing and the death of his girlfriend Aikae, while Saniko shared her troubled past at the ninjutsu dojo. Feeling sorry for him, Saniko offered for Masayoshi to stay with her at her hideout. Masayoshi agreed to the offer and after some additional planning and organization, he moves in with Saniko, starting the duo's close and long-lasting companionship.

Joining Masayoshi for the next two years of his life as a mentor figure of sorts, Saniko suggested to Masayoshi that they could start a more serious relationship of sorts. While reluctant at first, he took Saniko's offer to become her boyfriend as she was the only girl left alive that he trusted.

Saniko watched as Masayoshi learned new skills while toning her own abilities as well, finding herself new weapons of improved quality while keeping her signature bladed whip always sharp and ready for action. Two years later at the age of 26, Saniko ran into Shinobu's group one last time and challenged them to a long overdue rematch, being able to hold off much longer and defeat four out of the five girls before falling once more to Shinobu, who was now in her new warrior gear. Shinobu gave Saniko one final lecture which has stuck with her ever since before warding Saniko off. Taking the lecture as an incentive to improve further, she continued training and sparring against other opponents in the area and across the world.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Along with the extreme agility and speed of a ninja, Saniko's main weapon is a whip with segments of metal blades mounted onto a thin but strong string, with a spear-like end. Along with this whip, she can also bring with her kunais, sai, and shuriken. Through further training she acquired even quicker mobility- able to move at speeds that make herself almost disappear, including replacing herself briefly with a inflatable doll replica that bursts almost immediately while she suprise-attacks her foe from another angle.



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