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Name Sawn
Designer llSwaggerll
Gender Male
Age Built to be 25 (Arc 3), 28 (Arc 4)
Nationality Unknown
Height 6ft, 1in

Sawn (サウン, Saun) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Sawn is a relatively slim, agile figure resembling a man in his late 20's cloaked in a large grey leather longcoat with short, ripped sleeves, three black belts, baggy black pants, and a pair of black leather boots. Sawn's most striking visual is his long, sharp, sun-like red-orange hair, which from the front shows three large spikes of hair shooting out from the sides and top of his head, with a fourth spike shooting out from the back. In-between these four large spikes are smaller spikes of hair angled towards the back. Sawn has orange eyes and has moderately sharp teeth.

If the coat is open, it reveals most of Sawn's body is metallic, with no "skin" present outside the arms, upper chest and face. Inside the metallic body is an artificial heart, and on the back is a slot where Sawn's Solar Drive is installed.


Sawn is the ninth unit of the Eleven Weapons.


At first glance, Sawn appears to be very calm and smooth, but in reality, he is a cocky and chaotic thrill-seeker out to have a good time. Sawn is highly expressive and carries with him a wide array of personalities that he carefully picks to fit the situation he's in, deepening his voice when going for a more serious tone to make the act more believable. In battle, he is overall lacking in his ability to strategize or engage in stealth, going straight to brute force.

When alone or with people he genuinely cares about, Sawn is far less hostile and more outgoing. However, he immediately sees everyone that he meets as opponents ready to be sliced apart, making it difficult to try and calm and control him when he brakes loose.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

As a cyborg, Sawn has enhanced durability and raw power compared to that of the average human being. He can also jump much higher as well due to a specially-tailored leg build.

Like with the rest of the Eleven Weapons, Sawn's arms are made up of various metal components. By engaging a certain reflex in his body, his arms open up to reveal a foldable chainaw that emerges from the insides of the arms, operated using a handle that comes out alongside the saws. When squeezing the handlebars, Sawn's saw blades engage, spinning at a very high top speed to quickly and reliably cut open anything that stands in front of him. Despite the extreme power of the saw blades, they are very heavy overall, preventing Sawn from being able to swing them reliably at a fast speed while spinning them at the same time, requiring letting go of the handlebars and using the saw blades as blunt weapons.

The Solar Drive installed into Sawn's back gives Sawn the ability to cast magic using the power of light and solar. The most common usages for the Solar Drive include outlining Sawn's spinning saw blades in plasma energy which causes them to burn in addition to slicing apart, launching solar cutters from the tips of the saws, shielding oneself in a radioactive solar barrier and charging into targets, and generating large solar orbs from the back of his hair to lob down at targets or release a huge solar flare likely to blind targets temporarily. Despite Sawn's solar energy bestowed by the Solar Drive being connected with heat and warmth, Sawn himself cannot produce or generate fire, which requires the Fire Drive already in use by Hammero.

If Sawn's body becomes damaged enough or if he succumbs to a fatal injury, he will self-destruct, leaving nothing behind but a chainsaw styled after the sawblades that emerge from Sawn's arms, and the Solar Drive, completely intact. If the weapon is brought to a resurrection chamber, Sawn will reincarnate with his clothing and hair restored at the cost of his memory being reduced to a blank state, remembering nothing but the other Eleven Weapons, how the Drives work, and his personality and battle strategies.



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