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Name Sawn
Designer llSwaggerll
Gender Male
Age Built to be 25 (Arc 3), 28 (Arc 4)
Nationality Unknown
Height 6ft, 1in

Sawn (サウン, Saun) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Sawn is a relatively slim, agile figure resembling a man in his late 20's cloaked in a large dark grey leather longcoat with short sleeves and a pair of black leather boots. Sawn's most striking visual is his long, sharp, sun-like red-orange hair, which from the front shows three large spikes of hair shooting out from the sides and top of his head, with a fourth spike shooting out from the back. In-between these four large spikes are smaller spikes of hair angled towards the back. Sawn has orange eyes and has moderately sharp teeth.

If the coat is open, it reveals most of Sawn's body is metallic, with no "skin" present outside the arms, upper chest and face. Inside the metallic body is an artificial heart, and on the back is a slot where Sawn's Solar Drive is installed.


Contrasting to most of the other weapons, Sawn himself is a joyful, wise-cracking and thrill-seeking individual (though he does control himself very well outside of fights if not taken too far) who likes exciting fights that let him bring out everything he's got. However, he dislikes being ignored or interrupted by others and can grow deadly serious if his mood worsens one way or another, especially seeing the other Eleven Weapons arguing.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Hidden in Sawn's chest under his coat is a pair of several conjoined pieces of sharp blade that fold out into a circle shape to form two buzzsaw blades. Each buzzsaw then forms a cross-shaped handlebar made of plasma, allowing Sawn to grip them. Once the weapons are taken out, Sawn can use the buzzsaws as blunt weapons, spinning them in place for increased damage or can toss the blades forwards as a projectile- ricocheting them off surfaces and potential targets before they return to Sawn- who promptly catches them back in his arms.

Installed in Sawn's back is the "Solar Drive", which gives Sawn the ability to use light and sun-themed attacks, such as powering up the edges of his buzzsaw blades with solar energy, firing solar rays from the saw blades, coating himself into radioactive energy and charging into targets, and creating huge orbs of solar energy from high above or behind himself to either launch as a projectile or blind targets with a huge flash respectively. Sawn can also skate around on his saw blades by jumping up, quickly tossing his blades below his feet, and enclosing the blades inside orange solar spheres to keep the blades joined slightly below his feet. When initiating "skater" mode, Sawn's primary method of attack are quick, swift kicks with the spinning saw blades, with ranged kicks launching energy waves of solid solar at targets. To return to his normal combat style, Sawn jumps up and flips to detach the blades from his feet and return them back into his hands. Despite Sawn's solar energy bestowed by the Solar Drive being connected with heat and warmth, Sawn himself cannot produce or generate fire, which requires the Fire Drive already in use by Hammero.

Like with all the Eleven Weapons, if Sawn is severely wounded and suffers a fatal attack, his body will self-destruct along with his coat and leave behind the two buzzsaws- one with the Solar Drive attached to it. If brought to a resurrection chamber, Sawn's body will fully regurgitate from the buzzsaws with the coat good as new and ready to be re-equipped with the Solar Drive. Until then, the saws can be used as regular weapons by any other person- but without the major powers granted by the Solar Drive.



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