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Name Simon
Designer Die-Lineart
Gender Male
Age Built to be 25 (1), 27 (2), 29 (3), 32 (4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 6ft, 6in

Simon (サイモン Saimon) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series designed by Die-Lineart.


Simon is the fifth of the Jetters created by Aozora and Toshi, serving as their "father" figure and being the largest and most muscular of the nine. Immediately after Simon came the creation of his wife, Britly, whom he openly gave a hug and smooch to the first time they met after being created. Thanks to his role as a father, Simon is hugely supportive and encouraging, and always willing to pitch in and help the family when needed.

Simon is a huge hardware and technician nut with a good eye for working on and repairing machinery with Beta by his side, collaborating on projects together in the basement and garage. He also performs repairs and updates on Paku-Chan and Ball-Kun, a task he was given when Toshi began to grow less interested in developing and working on the two spherical robots. Simon also plays on a custom-modded electric guitar and considers rock and roll his favorite genre.


Simon is generally seen as the heroic and supportive of the Jetters, always up for lending his family a hand when they need it the most.


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