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Name Slourstro
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Height 6ft, 8in

Slourstro (スローストロ, Surōsutoro) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Slourstro’s personality is one of the more controlled of the Prism Robots, being reasonably calm, thoughtful, and speaking in a deep voice that is slightly less broken than those of his comrades. However, he rarely cracks a smile and is almost always seen with a fierce look on his face, with his orange LED eyes shining brightly. Slourstro is also very irritable, with an unhealthy habbit of raising his voice when the other Prism Robots start to bicker or cause infighting between each other.


Slourstro is the second of the Prism Robots- created to represent and weaponize the Sin of Gluttony.

Slourstro was made to be the main powerhouse of the Prism Robots, having incredible bulk and sporting a very large build- standing at a very large height. While strong, he is also very intelligent and keen to bring up facts he knows to the other Prism Robots. This gives him a role as one of the main leading figures of the group, only slightly behind Vauxen and Tarumont- despite being seen most frequently with Phasmor when out on missions, serving to keep the yellow plasma under control and focused. Slourstro is also one of the team's repairmen, fixing up everyone's personal mechs with assistance from Phasmor and Malianta.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Slourstro operates a pair of very large arms which allow him to throw devastatingly strong punches with very minimal effort. Each arm is equipped with orange boosters that shoot Slourstro forwards when engaged, allowing Slourstro to glide above the ground as he accelerates in for a megaton punch. Each hand can also rapid-fire orange energy blasts or come together and charge up for one huge orb of destruction. Across the top of the arms are three exhaust holes that blast small orange fires out when Slourstro activates the boosters in the arms or uses one of his weapons.

The material used for Slourstro’s hands are extremely strong alien metals, which with enough force can destroy even the toughest of stone and metal. Slourstro’s hands can also charge up to fire orange orbs of plasma and initiate magnets to attract scrap metal and other magnetic objects- forming a cluster of junk that Slourstro then explodes using orange plasma to send bits flying everywhere. Slourstro can also form the metal bits into a whip, increasing his attack range. However, the effects of the magnetism cannot be reversed to push away metal- nor can they affect the Prism Robots or their mechs as the magnetism is incompatible with the alien metals they are made of.

Inside Slourstro’s artificial brain is a chip connected to his nervous system that controls the strength of his armor and body mass. As Slourstro fights in battles, the chip sends relief signals through his body that makes him grow stronger and savor the taste for more, causing him to remain in fights for long periods of time to further increase his power, possibly endangering himself in the process. The more he fights, the harder it is for him to control himself- usually requiring the other Prism Robots to intervene and put a stop to him themselves.

Slourstro himself is relatively bulky, able to withstand and not flinch to small attacks thanks to the combination of artificial muscle and the tough armor on his body and his arms. When he powers up, Slourstro's artificial muscles increase in mass and expand slightly, becoming more stiff in the process.

Slourstro’s personal mech, the Giga Fortress, resembles a giant castle on four legs with a large head resembling a metal dragon turtle’s head. The mecha is equipped with a large number of weapons, from laser blasters to missiles and a wide variety of bombs, along with jet boosters on each foot and all sides of the mech’s main body plus the underside for aerial combat. The head can also charge open to fire a massive consistent beam of orange plasma that rips through surfaces like nothing. As the Giga Fortress' powers are comparable to Roguem’s Rogue Halberd, Slourstro and Roguem’s mechs are shown to team up- covering both land and air simultaneously.


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