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Tarumont Trans altcolor.png
Name Tarumont
Designer WhitmoonNuanl
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Height 6ft, 3.5in

Tarumont (タルモン, Tarumon) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Tarumont is the fifth of the Prism Robots- created to represent and weaponize the Sin of Pride. He is considered the second-in-command of the Robots behind Vauxen, and the most noble unit of the team due to his royal, prince-like appearance. This caused a small rivalry between the two leaders (primarily on Vauxen's side) because of their polar opposite personalities, leadership skills, and combat tactics. Even then, Tarumont gets along well with the other Prism Robots as they try to keep the rivalry from getting aggressive.

As with the other Prism Robots, Tarumont's main characteristics are his colored armor, LED eyes, and his warped, robotic voice. His voice is one of the least corrupted and sounds very close to traditional human speech, making him easier to understand by normal people than the other six Prism Robots.


Tarumont's personality is one of the least abnormal of the Prism Robots, having no major quirks to his personality aside from his tendency to boast about his elegant appearance, position as leader, and his incredible power. To anyone he is not loyal to, Tarumont's personality does a full u-turn, making Tarumont a cold, aggressive and serious fighter that never holds back under any circumstances, only getting far, far more off the deep end with every passing moment in battle. Tarumont also has no shame in disrespecting and looking down upon anyone in his path.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Embedded inside Tarumont's circuits is the "Freeze Chip", which gives Tarumont various abilities using cyrokinesis, forming small and fragile but decently efficient projectiles and traps made of ice. His main weapon is a large spear used for swinging, jabbing, and controlling the battlefield by spreading ice across the floor and shooting beams of ice to encase and trap targets before following up with a variety of other options. Tarumont's memory contains a tracking device to locate the spear if it is lost, causing it to highlight itself in Tarumont's vision while turning everything else he sees into greyscale.

The floating hexagonal ice formations patrolling from Tarumont's back are a makeshift holographic scarf. The blue surface on Tarumont's feet can light up and emit a constant blast of ice similar to a jet, giving Tarumont the ability to skate across the ground, into the sky, and up solid surfaces (including walls and ceilings) while leaving a trail of ice behind, in addition to standard flight- which is more optimal for Tarumont when traveling at high altitudes.

The giant shield-like armors attached to Tarumont's shoulders are highly mobile, can spin in place, and can detach on a whim. Tarumont can form ice on different parts of the shields to turn them into various close or long-range alternates to his spear, including spinning blades, giant icicle swords, and reflectors that cause projectiles to ricochet off. The two shields can combine to transform into a stationary turret positioned in front of Tarumont, operated using his hands and resulting in a visor made of ice forming around his eyes for protection and style. Tarumont then grabs the ends of the shields with his hands and charges ice into the turret, causing it to glow at the other end as energy is built up. Once Tarumont releases the charge, multiple rounds of ice chunks are shot in succession at a very fast speed, piercing into targets and shattering upon impact. This attack is often combined within the ice wings' levitation for mid-air strikes, raining down shards of ice to clear out foes from below. When Tarumont is using his ice-jet boosters, the shields aim backwards and fire their own boosters to increase Tarumont's skating or flying speed.

Tarumont's signature mech is the Blizzard Knight, one of the smaller but more powerful of the Prism Robots' mechs resembling a humanoid wielding a giant sword. The mech's body is powered by a total of eight blue-colored jet thrusters which are continuously engaged- two on it's back, two on each of it's arms, and two on the backs of each of it's feet. This makes it one of the most mobile of the mechs as well, easily demonstrated by how it is able to speed across the battlefield and perform aerobic flips with ease. It has four wings on it's back which help in controlling the mech's movement, especially when moving quickly. The Blizzard Knight's sword has two thrusters on each side beside where it is grasped, boosting the speed in which it can be swung. The sharp edges of the sword are also lined with a very frigid but hard stone-like surface made for smashing and freezing instead of clean cuts.

The Blizzard Knight's feet can sprout skates underneath to skate quickly across slippery terrain. It's chest also houses an absolute-zero laser blaster which Tarumont uses rarely and exclusively as a last resort tool , as it requires a large amount of energy to charge up and it's destructive potential is very dangerous to handle with it's range and sheer power.



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