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GNEi5ol copy.png
Name Tracker
Designer Genso-x
Gender Male
Age 22 (Arc 3)
25 (Arc 4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 5ft, 8in

Tracker (トラッカー, Torakkā) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Tracker is energetic and air-headed, easily getting himself excited and rambling on when discussing his favorite topics, which include tech, music, and competitive sports. While he can stop and control himself, it is typically difficult for him to do so, usually followed by apologetic speeches with a look of embarrassment if someone else has to calm him. When playing the announcer and commentator in a sport or partaking in one of his specialities, his speech is far more controlled and easier to keep at a normal level, even after getting riled up and shouting.

Despite being busy and highly invested in his hobbies, Tracker is overly friendly and will go out of his way to keep the friends he makes and the competitors that partake in the sports he spectates and comments on safe.


Tracker is an overly intelligent and capable geek with a hobby of owning and studying cutting-edge technology. He is almost never seen in public without his personal lightweight ultra-portable high-capacity laptop and his trademark sound-wave glasses and headphones. Tracker's personal outfit was a result of wanting the most eye-popping and easy-to-notice clothing possible.

Thanks to his father, Tracker had been given the role of official organizer and commentator of the world's nation-wide Go-Kart racing tournaments, attracting the likes of Aozora and company. Years later, Tracker decided to join in the fun and entered to compete alongside the other entrees. Afterwards, his hobby would soon expand to other sports and competitions.

Music is another of Tracker's biggest hobbies, with Tracker emerging and surrounding himself into the beats of many different tunes of varying genres, primarily electronic and techno music.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Tracker is never seen without his personal lightweight laptop strapped onto his right wrist. The laptop is a custom design built from scratch, sporting advanced processors and graphics cards while being as lightweight as possible. The laptop features both a front and rear camera, as well as a keyboard illuminated with LED's under the keys. Tracker's black glasses contain a sound signal which respond to Tracker's own voice and any music transmitted through Tracker's headphones, causing the signals to jump and vibrate.

Tracker has a very high IQ and sharp reflexes, though his physical strength is only below average despite having a well-toned, athletic body. To compensate for his low power, Tracker can mount a grey-plated siding onto the laptop, which interacts with specially-created software that links with the outer camera, which Tracker can program to fire pinpoint lasers that steadily burn what they strike, along with casting mysterious energy that weakens or strengthens any living being, organic or non-organic, that it comes into contact with. The laptop can also be used to hack other electronics, though Tracker does not demonstrate this skill outside of emergencies.

Tracker's shoes are made of a combination of metal and standard shoe material. The metal parts of the shoe are useful for a Tracker to grind down rails, though as Tracker does not wear safety gear nor wants to risk severe damage to his laptop and other equipment, this technique is rare to see in action.



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