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Name Tremaine
Designer Superjustinbros
Gender Male
Age Built to be 40 (Arc 3), 43 (Arc 4)
Nationality American
Height 8ft, 2in

Tremaine (トレメイン, Torgemein) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Tremaine is a large, heavy, and powerful sentient battle mecha created in a top-secret base in an unspecified canyon that also produces explosives and other types of weapons. The intent was to use Tremaine to dispose defective and otherwise undesired explosives (as he was built with a body sturdy enough to survive just about any type of explosion) but he eventually grew tired of being a mere tool and retaliated, destroying much of the base out of rage and migrating to a new canyon where he could live in peace and be undisturbed, with some of the workers of his old residence visiting and offering repairs and enhancements. Tremaine would accept these offers, but refused to return to his original occupation, feeling that there were "better things in store" for him.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Tremaine's body is made of extremely hard, heavy-duty steel that is almost impossible to dent with just one's bare hands. Tremaine's main claim to fame is his extreme physical power, enabling him to throw monstrous punches that hit like a truck, create trembles in the ground by stomping it hard with his feet or directly punching it, and pick up objects weighing up to 4 tons with relative ease. On the downside, the weight of Tremaine's main body and limbs make it difficult for Tremaine to maneuver at fast speeds.

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