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Name Vasuman
Designer P-Lizardman, wildmooseking
Gender Male
Age 30 (Arc 3)
33 (Arc 4)
Nationality African-American
Height 6ft, 5in

Vasuman (カすマン, Kasuman) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Vasuman spent much of his past with the desire to start up his own empire of heroes that would defend North America and the rest of the world from any possible threats that would arise. With motivation and encouragement from his friend Jigoku, the two men founded the Roast Gang and began recruiting lesser members that wanted to fight for a greater clause. As the empire grew and grew, Vasuman later led the creation of a large base resembling a giant black and steel fortress, which was built at a decently fast pace thanks to the skill of the workers Vasuman had hired along with direct assistance and guidance from the troops. The Roast Gang Castle was eventunally completed and from there, the Roast Gang's size continued to expand in numbers, with many new recruits joining.

Vasuman became the Roast Gang's main commander while Jigoku was labeled as the team's main driving force. Within two years, recruits began to happen at a slower pace and the relative success of fighting off offending forces was very high. Wanting to pursue other goals, Jigoku moved back to Japan, leaving Vasuman to take up full rulership. During this time, he recruited his best friend Wernher along with Florencia, Randolph, and Jullian to serve as the Elites of the team, each leading their own separate fractions of the empire located in Africa, South America, Europe, and Japan respectively. It was around this time that a rival group known as the Frost Gang appeared, led by Aberthol, with the goal of raiding and taking control of the Roast Gang's territory and it's bases elsewhere on the planet, converting them into their own bases and unleashing worldwide terror. Vasuman took it upon himself to further train up the Roast Gang for eternal war and prevent such a thing form happening, scattering his lesser troops across the planet to protect it from Frost Gang activity.

Eventunally, a turn of events would force Jigoku to resign from his position as leader in order to keep his identity safe. With no other option, Vasuman took his spot, becoming the new full-fledged leader of the Roast Gang.


Vasuman is a deep and strict man with a mighty and masculine voice. He takes situations deathly seriously, sporting traits of an extremist that will always find ways to work towards an objective and directing himself and his most loyal troops to victory through even the most over-the-top and unauthoradox strategies possible. He takes no nonsense and encourages his crew to put their skills to the limits by 200%.

Despite his proud leadership and the respect he gets by the rest of the Roast Gang, Vasuman can snap and raise his voice at the smallest misendeavor, shouting directly into the face of any solder that disobeys or lets him down. He puts quick work and brute force over any sort of of proper strategy compared to the likes of Randolph and Wernher, resulting in them being forced to play backup or go their separate paths while Vasuman goes through with his riskier and blunt strategies.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Vasuman's wears a fireproof black and red armored suit equipped with jet-ignition boosters on the armor's feet. The suit was made with maximum mobility in mind- resulting in a large, heavy, and durable piece of armor that thanks to Vasuman's muscular build does very little to impede it's wearer's movement while still boosting effectiveness in battle. With armored metal-clad gloves, gauntlets, and boots, Vasuman's melee power is increased by a significant margin, with a single swift punch or a jet-igniter-boosted kick possessing enough power to launch opponents across a room or demolish a well-built wall. The jet-boosters on the suit's feet give Vasuman the ability to dash across the ground for a small period of time, execute huge jumps, launch himself down to a target form above for a crashing blow, and land safely on the ground after falling from a great height, releasing a small fire wave on the ground where he lands. The exposed metal spikes on the armored shoulders, gauntlets, and boots are very sharp and can be used for extra damage.

When not relying on brute force, Vasuman sticks to his signature weapon: a custom-made flamethrower that can launch explosive fireballs, launch trails of fire along any surface, and fire the weapon like a traditional flamethrower, spreading and scattering fire around any given area. The flamethrower fits comfortably on the back of the armored suit's backside- allowing Vasuman to switch between two fighting styles suited for different ranges freely.



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