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Name Vauxen
Designer rapxic
lily_draws (eyes and chest armor)
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Height 5ft, 10in

Vauxen (ヴォーセン, Vuōsen) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Vauxen is a robot resembling a young adult male with bright yellow-orange hair. He wears a giant shiny black headpiece that curves back with with two dark red orbs embedded in a straight line down the center and two red and black flaps on the front positioned just above Vauxen's eyes, with two strands of hair pointing downwards on each side under the flaps. Behind the headpiece is five large strands of hair that appear to give off a bright glow and flow freely, moving in sync with Vauxen's movements. At the forehead of the headpiece is a massive marroon-colored horn standing at about 3.5 feet in length. Vauxen has red LED eyes that shine brightly, with artificial skin colored black around Vauxen's eyes to give them a shadowy look. The sides and chin of Vauxen's face is covered with protective red metal, and on the end of the chin, a piece of metal resembling a red diamond is embedded in.

Vauxen's main body, arms, and legs are made from a black alien fabric that resembles rubber and latex. Across the front of Vauxen's neck are two light yellow lines that travel into his chest armor along with additional red armor plates across his shoulders. On his chest, Vauxen wears armor styled into a "V", with the armor around his breasts being much thicker and having a small red diamond indented in. Several yellow-orange lights emit from around the chest area, with six small lights and one large light. Vauxen's hips are also armored, with two large four foot long high-mobility wings embedded into the back of his hips that can angle themselves in any formation possible and contain high-power boosters that enable Vauxen to move fast on land and fly in the air.

Vauxen's arms sport a far greater amount of protection and appear to be fully coated in red armor, with long black latex gloves with red lining at the ends and a giant red stripe across the top of each glove. Two large diamond-shaped blades are strapped around each wrist and are used by Vauxen for both offensive and defensive purposes. For footwear, Vauxen wears blocky red boots with boosters, as well as knee guards with large red diamonds embedded in.


Vauxen is a demented and savage sociopath who feels nothing but the salvation of destruction in anything that stands in his way, relentlessly and recklessly laying waste to anything in front of him. He enjoys giving and receiving pain, grinning and laughing maniacally with his eyes shining brightly as he burns and slaughters his targets with blistering speed and pyrokinesis powers provided by what Vauxen calls a "Grill Chip" planted inside his body while outside forces try to fight back. If locked into a heated battle, Vauxen will refuse to stop fighting until he can incinerate the defeated body of his opponent or until he goes down himself.

Despite not very willing to let the other Prism Robots fight with him, he still maintains a reasonable partnership and looks out for them. On the other hand, it is very easy for Vauxen to loose his cool and grow increasingly frustrated and angry should he not be in favor with something- which he typically answers back with a threat of violence. While reasonably smart and even capable of visualizing great strategies, his intelligence is not perfect, causing Vauxen to have selective memory and quickly forget certain important and crucial details provided by the other Prism Robots. His personal favorite hobby aside from fighting involves perching himself atop buildings or other tall, thin structures in a squatting position, staring off into the distance. This also serves as a method for calming himself after his mood worsens, and to have some time alone where he can't be disturbed by his team.


Vauxen is the first of the Prism Robots- created to represent and weaponize the Sin of Wrath. As he was the first to be created, he is recognized by the rest of the Prism Robots as their leader, with the exception of Morgaous who sees himself as a greater figure of authority. Much like the other Prism Robots, Vauxen's voice is robotic, distorted and warped, which becomes even more high-pitched and broken-sounding the more excited or enraged Vauxen grows. Vauxen's signature feature is the large horn embedded in his forehead, which proves to be a very useful tool for him.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Apart from his extreme and swift melee techniques, Vauxen sports high agility and the ability to use pyrokinesis, blasting fire streams and explosive bursts of flame from his hands, feet, and horn. Vauxen can also erupt pillars of fire from the ground and coat himself in fire to charge into targets horn-first, releasing an explosion on impact.

The two large wings attached to Vauxen's lower back can be raised, lowered, and twisted at will to increase Vauxen's speed control on the ground and allow flight when combined with the boosters in his feet. Vauxen's heatproof armor is also surprisingly durable, being able to withstand heavy blows- including most direct explosives.

If Vauxen becomes too excited during a fight or gathers up enough rage, his primal instincts will kick in and he will proceed to violently tear off the artificial skin on the right half of his face, exposing the metal underneath the face's skin and increasing the flow of electricity and energy through his body- significantly boosting his strength and speed and making him far more ruthless and dangerous to handle and nearly impossible to stop completely until he tires himself out and collapses, requiring the other Prism Robots to retrieve him and perform repairs back at the Prism Robots' base.

Vauxen's signature mecha, the Crash Cerberus, is a large, horned, single-headed Cerberus with various flamethrowers and fire cannons attached to it's body, complete with boosters on it's legs for heavily increased mobility. It can use fire to create two additional heads, increasing it's strength.



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