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Name Verena
Designer Linker Luis
Gender Female
Age 28 (Arc 3)
31 (Arc 4)
Nationality German
Height 5ft, 11in

Verena (ベレナ, Berena) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Verena is a nurse and doctor from Germany that has become somewhat infamous due to her unorthodox methods in which she treats her patients' injuries and illnesses along with her mildly intimidating appearance and snooty personality. Despite this, she is very intelligent in the field of healthcare and means well to those that she treats.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Verena's primary arms is a giant syringe with three chambers to store different types of medicine, which she switches by twisting the chamber containing the medicine. Each chamber has a perfect seal to ensure no liquids leak into one another, and the three different needles on the syringe that retract when not in use in a further attempt to prevent this. Rarely does she use the syringe in the actual treatments of patients in hospitals, instead opting for more traditional, smaller and single-chambered syringes.

In combat, Verena fills the three chambers with orange acid, purple venom, and a special high-class mint-colored healing liquid respectively. She uses the acid as a projectile attack- squirting it at targets to burn them, while the venom is injected into the skin of a victim to poison and slowly weaken or kill them from the inside. The healing liquid, along with serving as an antidote to many types of poison is used to heal allies and is powerful enough to revive the deceased as long as their bodies are fresh, returning them to full strength. Aside from the liquids, Verena can also use the syringe as a sword-type weapon, slashing targets at close range.



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