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Zones serve as the worlds in the Aozora's Adventure series. In the games, each Zone has a specific character associated with them, which will usually serve as the World Boss of the Zone (with some exceptions).

Aozora's Adventure[edit]

  1. Park City Zone
  2. Blue Metropolis Zone
  3. Palm Beach Zone
  4. Wild Fields Zone
  5. Cloud Beanstalk Zone
  6. Casino Palace Zone
  7. Joker's Castle Zone (Joker)

Aozora's Adventure II[edit]

  1. White City Zone (Masayoshi)
  2. Buccaneer Bay Zone (Chinatsu)
  3. Metal Desert Zone (Girou)
  4. Lantern Carnival Zone (Saniko)
  5. Wave Cruiser Zone (Fayato)
  6. Canyon Highway Zone (Kazuhiko)
  7. Onyx Skyscraper Zone (Bachi)
  8. Blood Mountain Zone and Flying Shark Zone (Sharkane, Grip, and Gnear)
  9. Crystal Clockwork Zone (Mignonette)
  10. Rocket Galaxy Zone
  11. Joker's Castle II Zone (Joker)

Aozora's Adventure Gaiden[edit]

  1. Lake Greens Zone (Talisha)
  2. Marble Metropolis Zone (Nirave)
  3. Boil Circus Zone (Rodrigo)
  4. Azure Sky Zone (Ptolema)
  5. Rusty Mountain Zone (Bojun)
  6. Grinder Castle Zone (Gratien)
  7. Shelter Ice Zone
  8. Royal Tower Zone and Grand Constellation Zone (Erebos)
  9. Joker's Palace Zone (Joker)

Aozora's Adventure 3D World[edit]

  1. Pirate Tropics Zone
  2. Frost Cliffs Zone
  3. Tech Towers Zone
  4. Deep Ruins Zone
  5. Broken City Zone
  6. Steam Crater Zone
  7. Disco Carnival Zone (Robo-Aozora)
  8. Infinite Space Zone (Orpheus)

Aozora's Adventure III[edit]

  1. Icarus Road Zone (Jullian)
  2. Knight’s Fortress Zone (Randolph)
  3. Scorching Wildlands Zone (Wernher)
  4. Petal Festival Zone (Florencia)
  5. Roast Castle Zone (Vasuman)
  6. Glacier Beach Zone (Yukon)
  7. Military Railroad Zone & Flashfreeze Badlands Zone (Motokazu)
  8. Polar Base Zone (Edurizo)
  9. Frost Castle Zone (Aberthol)
  10. Lunar Moon Zone
  11. Mischevious Planet Zone & Joker's Castle III/Planet Joker Zone (Joker)

The following worlds are side-worlds, normally labeled with letters instead of numbers.

  1. (A) Maple Forest Zone (Malila)
  2. (B) Titan Cliffs Zone (Tremaine)
  3. (C) Meteor Station Zone (Konomi)
  4. (D) Digital Prism Zone (Spectrum)
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