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Name Malianta
Designer Numbnutus
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Height 6ft, 2in

Malianta (マリアンタ, Marianta) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Malianta is the seventh and only female of the Prism Robots- created to represent and weaponize the Sin of Lust. Her main skill is assisting the other Prism Robots with healing energy pulses cast from her body thanks to a chip located next to her central core. Even with her primary support functionality, she is a dominating force on the battlefield herself.

Along with her ability to release healing pulses and serving as the team's main cleric, Malianta is a surprisingly good mechanic, a trait she developed from performing major repairs on the Prism Robots and joining Slourstro and Phasmor with repairing the team’s signature mechs. Otherwise, she tends to her appearance in her room, lifts weights, reads magazines, and posts selfies of herself on social media.


Obsessed with her own attractiveness, curvy figure, and inner beauty, Malianta is borderline emotionless, cold-blooded, and very intelligent. She speaks in a soft, almost provocative voice to both allies and foes alike, and will not hesitate for a second to complete any assignment she is given. Despite being extremely patient and taking every second of a task seriously with her best efforts, Maliantia does not take kindly to people- including the other Prism Robots, fooling around and having her patience wasted- which may result in her opting to go solo on a mission, possibly endangering herself if she cannot handle it alone or get backup.

Thanks to the Sin she represents, Malianta can become enamored by the sight of an attractive man or woman she notices- causing her to comment on their physical appearance as she shows off her body before fighting. To make battles more entertaining to herself, Malianta interprets fighting as "a way of winning over someone's heart" even if she cannot go out with them in the end.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Malianta's movement speed, athletic skills, and reflexes are top-notch, allowing her to move and attack swiftly at blistering speeds thanks to the high-speed boosters on her bulky legs and feet, the latter resembling high-heels specifically made for quick maneuverability and combat. Malianta's large legs, light armor, and high jumping ability allow her to stealthily maneuver herself around without making a sound. Her violet-colored LED eyes also contain sensors, allowing her to read motions in her vision when standing still, even in dark places.

Malianta attempts to lure in targets and lower their guards by falsely seducing them with her charm, curves, seductive poses, and beauty- men and women alike, before striking them down with her incredible melee skills and other tools. While her build makes her optimal for stealth missions and sneak attacks, her combat skills are only slightly above average, and while she can move quick and deal damage, her mostly skintight and lightly armored surface doesn’t give her much durability, requiring her to evade, counter, and hold off attacks while self-healing. She also cannot engage her healing chip for an extended period of time before it begins to drain her own energy. The healing chip's power is also capable of repairing organic bone and tissue in humans, though Malianta is never given an opportunity to use it for such a purpose.

Malianta's violet fingernails are connected to launchers at the end of each finger along with long-length plasma string keeping them connected to each finger, allowing her to fire off her fingernails as projectiles before returning them back onto her fingers and readying them for another go. Malianta's legs are also relatively thick and bulky, making her kicks extremely powerful when performed while firing off the boosters in her feet at the same time. By far Malianta's most useful asset is her ability to generate energy-restoring pulses from her hands and chest to recharge and restore the machinery and robotics in herself and the other Prism Robots.

Malianta's signature mecha, the Shadow Stinger, resembles a large high-mobility scorpion configured into a tank, which can maneuver quickly and fight by launching it's claws and tail at targets or blasting them with violet-colored lasers and energy balls. The stinger tail of the mecha can also drain or replenish electricity from nearby machinery, which most importantly serves as a way for the scorpion tank to recover energy or use it to recharge the mechs belonging to the other Prism Robots.



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