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Name Aozora
Designer Superjustinbros (original design)
Ryan McConnachie (redesign)
Gender Male
Age 17 (Arc 1)
19 (Arc 2)
21 (Arc 3)
24 (Arc 4)
26 (Arc 5)
Nationality Japanese
Height 6ft

Aozora (アオゾラ) is the main protagonist of the Aozora's Adventure series.


Aozora has blue eyes with with an angled triple-slash black scar underneath his left eye. He has spiny blonde hair that shoots downwards, and on his head he wears his trademark pilot's cap, colored white with a navy blue outline and a "V" pattern on the top. On the cap are two black plates as hard as stone mounted on the sides (previously a metal squad plate), some air holes on the lower flaps of the cap, and a pair of cyan-colored goggles.

Aozora wears a cyan and grey dual-layered T-shirt folded slightly on the ends, and a navy blue jacket with a thick black collar and a small pocket on it's lower left on the front. Worn on Aozora's left wrist is a black and blue watch with a blue LCD display, while his right wrist is covered with a white bandage and two wristbands colored light blue and navy blue.

On his lower body, Aozora wears dark blue jeans with a loose black belt. His footwear is a pair of navy blue boots with a light blue platform and fold on the top.


Aozora has a wild, brave, outgoing and heroic personality despite getting carried away at times due to him becoming easily excited and frustrated, and jumping quickly to conclusions. He is also very quick and impatient at times, constantly displays strange and chaotic expressions, and is a good melee fighter. As he began to get older, Aozora would develop a short flamboyant side, opting to pose in erotic poses to taunt others. He also developed a habit of sarcastically responding to others when talking with someone that doesn't interest him or he doesn't like. When he's not having an adventure, he likes to spend time with his friends and family, changing his overall tone to better suit the groups he chats with.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Aside from sporting great dexterity and reflexes as well as a decent amount of strength, Aozora is a frequent user of Power-ups and Gear. Additionally, Aozora can hijack enemy weapons and use them effectively in only a short amount of time, though he only does this rarely.


Official Art[edit]

Others' Art[edit]


  • Aozora's name in Japanese means "Blue Sky".
  • During mid-2010, Aozora's name was temporarily changed to Zora (ゾラ); though it was soon reverted afterwards. The name Zora would latter become a nickname for Aozora starting in early 2016.

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