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Name Raster
Designer Memoirs-of-a-phoney
Gender Male
Age 22 (Arc 3)
25 (Arc 4)
Nationality Japanese
Height 6ft, 1in

Raster (ラスター, Rasutā) is a character in the Aozora's Adventure series.


Raster's hair is mid-long and slightly spiked on the top, with bigger spikes on the side, front, and back (cut short on the left side of his head). The hair is colored a crisp, deep cyan color. His eyes are teal in color and he wears a pair of sharp, jet-black sunglasses.

Raster's coat is thick and cyan with a decorative bright yellow boarder enveloping around the edges. The openings of the pockets on his sweatshirt have a yellow edging as well. On the coat are two dots; a small white one around his right shoulder (as shown in the sketch) and a large, yellow circle on the back, centered. The hood of the coat is white in color on the outside, with the edges of the hood decorated in a cyan-colored blocky, pixel-themed boarder, similar to music bars on a radio. The inside of the hood is a darker cyan. There are two black strings on the ends of the hood so Raster can adjust it when it's being worn.

Raster's shirt is white with an abstract white and cyan-colored block design printed on the front. The collar of the shirt is colored a bright, crisp blue. The sleeves of the shirt share the thickness of the coat's main body, with the sleeves rolled up into white rings; The gloves are a similar detailed design to Mitchel's, but are cyan and black, instead of orange and black. Raster also wears a metal chain necklace with a star-shaped charm and a white/blue key attached on the center, and has similarly-designed chain wristbands with a charm attached to each wristchain- one showing a white and orange mushroom, and the other showing a white and red cherry. The necklace charms are flat, while the charms on the wrist-chains are three-dimensional.

Raster wears bluish-black jeans suspended by a large fabric white belt and a smaller leather orange belt, which also holds his two tools. Raster's shoes are primarily black with a cyan base, orange stripes, and a white band wrapped around the opening.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Contained within a holster attached to the belt on Raster's waist is a customized battery-operated cyan and white arcade light gun that fires bullets of plasma. Also attached to his belt is a sheath for his pixel-blade: a katana that when turned on emits white and cyan-colored pixel-radiation- increasing the power of the blade itself and allowing Raster to swing it more efficiently.

Additional energy channeled into Raster's gloves enable him to use a technique he calls the Pixel Barrier, which causes white plasma blocks to envelop and spin around him in a circular pattern, rendering him invincible to attacks during it's duration.



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